The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 48

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 48 – Stable (2)


Back at the company, Meng Chu talked to the system.


Meng Chu: “Is my task very good? I stimulated her. She will marry Chen Jinfeng soon.”


System: “…”


Soon, the news of Meng Chu’s gold mine spread to the people who was paying attention, and everyone thought that they were hallucinating.


“What, what are you talking about. What did Meng Chu’s real estate have?”


“It’s about to open a mine.”




Meng Jian had been busy for a day, and he did not know about Meng Chu. As a result, when he attended the dinner in the evening, one by one, the people all looked at him enviously, and that gaze made Meng Jian straighten his waist unconsciously


It was just that soon, those eyes changed several times, and finally it turned into meaningful smiles.


It was not until Meng Jian returned home that he found out what happened.


Meng Mang’s jealous eyes were red: “Mine, there is a gold mine in the real estate that Meng Chu bought!”


Meng Jian was startled. He had always felt disdainful whenever he thought that Meng Chu was a girl. “She has the ability to invest in a few successful projects.”


“You didn’t say that before. You said that Meng Chu…”


“Before anything else, quickly persuade your brother to come home.”


Meng Mang looked at Meng Chu in the newspaper, and there was a hint of envy. But soon, she felt that Meng Jian was right, and she started to calm down. She called Meng Guang and told him not to continue participating in the reform program, return to the company and work hard.


In the evening, Meng Chu invited Vice President Tang, Li Meng, and Li Feng to celebrate at Lu Gaofei’s bar.


They sat together except for Meng Chu and Li Feng who was both having a drink. Of course, Meng Chu doesn’t really drink. She watched Lu Gaofei chatting happily with everyone, and she drank her juice silently while listening to them.


Meng Chu’s cellphone rang. It was from Director Han who had not contacted her for a long time. Meng Chu took her phone and went outside to answer the call.


Director Han: “Miss Meng, can you come to our program? You won’t participate, you’ll just come and persuade your brother. He still only eats and does not do the tasks of the program.”


Meng Chu: “Tell him that he is trash.”


Director Han: “…”


Meng Chu, who can teach her own brother well still needed their program?


Meng Chu did not want to care about Meng Guang, but she was the one who threw Meng Guang to this program. If he comes back the same as before, then everything will be useless.


Besides, Meng Chu felt that if Meng Guang changed, then Zhou Mian would have the courage to change herself.


After Meng Chu hung up the phone, Li Feng came out of the bar. Li Meng wanted to eat barbecue and instructed Li Feng to buy some. When he walked towards Meng Chu, he asked, “Sister Chuchu, what do you want to eat?”


Meng Chu: “Anything is fine.”


After more than an hour, Li Feng came back with big and small bags. He ordered every dish from the barbecue restaurant.


Li Feng pursed his lips and smiled: “I did not know what you like to eat.”


Li Feng’s seat was next to Meng Chu. He whispered to Meng Chu about the barbecue restaurant next to his school and recommended it to her.


Because Meng Chu was a public figure and they were at the bar again, someone took a video and uploaded it on the internet.


Everyone’s focus was on Meng Chu and Li Feng. These two people whispered something to each other from time to time, but everyone did not know what they were talking about. But because of their good-looking faces, they thought that they were a good match.


Assistant Li said something against his will: “They are not worthy at all. From temperament to appearance, the best match to Miss Meng is the president.”


When assistant Li finished speaking, he saw Lu Jingan took out a shopping bag from the desk, and went to change clothes.


Assistant Li: “…”


He really doesn’t understand Meng Chu’s requirement and why she is looking for an ordinary person with good-looking face.


When Lu Jingan arrived outside the bar, Lu Gaofei came out of the bar to take a break. When he saw Lu Jingan, he was very enthusiastic. After all, this is the person he recommended to Meng Chu.


Lu Gaofei invited Lu Jingan: “Let’s go in and sit for a while.”


Lu Jingan: “Okay.”


Lu Gaofei led Lu Jingan into the bar, and introduced him to Li Meng and the others.


Lu Jingan’s gaze fell on Li Feng. He checked his clothes, and the corners of his mouth curled before he took a seat.


When Li Feng’s clothes is calculated, it cost about 40,000 to 50,000 excluding his watch.


The discount clothes that Lu Jingan wore were just worth 400-500 yuan.


Lu Jingan sat there looking cold. Apart from his face, what was even more noticeable was the pair of slender fingers, which even Meng Chu looked upon.


Li Feng: “You don’t look like a programmer.”


Lu Jingan looked calm, and he replied: “I am ordinary except for my face.” After a pause, he continued: “I saw your post on the internet the other day. Your paintings are very good, and you will definitely become a famous painter in the future.”


Li Meng agreed and said: “There are people who wants to buy his painting for a high price. By the way, he is also the school grass in his university.”


Lu Jingan smiled sincerely. The situation is stable!


The author has something to say:
Lu Jingan’s diary: Today, I met a rival in love. I feel that the rival is out of the picture. I am one step closer to my future wife.


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