The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 49

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 49 – In Addition to Money and Face (1)


Meng Chu set off to the recording location of the ‘Juvenile Reconstruction Project’ program. Because the place was a bit remote, she did not arrive until dusk.


The plane was hovering in the air and was about to land, which caused the crowd of crew who was eating to crane their necks. No one expected to see a plane here.


Meng Guang was eating bibimbap. He looked at the plane for a while. He suddenly thought of something. He stood up and shouted: “Meng Jian, why are you so annoying? I have said it, I will stay here until it’s over. How come you guys keep on coming back!”


All the participants are from big cities. The conditions are basically good, but they have never seen a private plane up close. Only Meng Guang was the one who was familiar with it. They looked at Meng Guang enviously.


According to Meng Guang, it was his sister who threatened to dislocate his arm and brought him to this show. But all of his other family members were persuading him to go back, and said that he did not need to change at all. But Meng Guang was worried about his arm, that is why he stayed.


They also heard that his sister was abandoned by her fiance, which is also pitiful.


Soon the plane landed. Meng Guang frowned when he looked at it. He felt that the plane did not resemble the one at his house. Could it be that their family business was so good that they bought another one? Meng Guang felt better at the thought.


Meng Guang: “Why did you buy a plane again.”


Compared to planes, Meng Guang still prefers yachts because his family already have a plane.


Everyone looked at Meng Guang more enviously. Talk about planes, they can only have it in their dreams.


The bodyguards got out of the plane first and stood on both sides of the plane. Meng Guang looked at this formation and stood up with a solemn expression.


“Meng Guang, you won’t be asked to be taken back forcibly like in the dramas right?”


“This plane is so beautiful.”


“Meng Guang, your family bought a plane again?!”


Meng Chu had her hair in a ponytail, wearing black from head to toe, and has a black boots. Because her waist was buckled with a black metal, everyone had their eyes on her curvaceous waist.


She walked in front and pointed to Meng Guang: “Come here.”


Meng Guang quickly figured out: “Meng Chu, why are you, hahaha. Are you here to beg me to go back? Do you think you can throw me into this program, and come over to take me back, and I will agree to go back with you? Dream on. I won’t go back!”


He took his bowl of bibimbap and put it on the small bench.


After participating in this program, the participants were disconnected from the internet, and they did not know how much news Meng Chu occupied during this period of time, and how many headlines she made.


But they knew that Meng Chu was Meng Guang’s older sister. The older sister that was abandoned by her fiance and threatened to dislocate Meng Guang’s arm if he did not participate in this program.




This is so different from what they thought.


In their imagination, Meng Guang’s sister has an average look and was a little scary when she loses her temper. Because her fiance could not accept her, he broke off the engagement. But the one in front of them… Her fiance is clearly blind.


Meng Chu stretched out her hand and untied her belt. After the belt was untied, she drew it and pulled the belt from her waist with a blank expression: “I’ll say it again, come here.”


Meng Guang swallowed: “I won’t go back!”


Meng Chu walked forward: “I did not tell you to go back. I want to tell you that you don’t need to do the task assigned by the program group. But if you don’t do it, I will use this belt to discipline you, understand?”


Looking at Meng Chu, she did not look like she was joking, especially when watching Meng Chu wave her belt. Meng Guang shouted: “Meng Chu, what qualification do you have to discipline me?”


With a snap, Meng Chu’s belt hit Meng Guang’s shoulder, and Meng Guang held his shoulder, his eyes filled with shock.


Meng Chu: “Because you are trash. Meng Jian spoiled you, but you are already an adult and you still don’t understand anything.”


Meng Guang: “I am trash, I am trash. What are you doing? What’s wrong? What do you even have? Aren’t you relying on the Meng family? The only difference between us is I am more favored in the Meng family!”


Hearing this, Meng Chu stretched out her hand, and her bodyguards was willing to quickly take out the newspaper about Meng Chu and Meng family’s separation. Meng Chu slapped it on Meng Guang.


He looked at the words in the newspaper and read it several times. Under the witness of Madam Chen, Meng Chu broke off her relationship with the Meng Family???


Meng Chu’s bodyguard stood up: “Miss Meng has nothing, just an entertainment company and a gold mine.”


Meng Guang: “You, what do you have besides money!”


The bodyguard quickly replied, “There is still fame. Our Miss Meng is the well-known singer Jiang Chu.”


The other bodyguards were speechless: “What do you mean? Do you think Miss Meng’s face is not good?”


“Sorry. I forgot. Our Miss Meng has her face besides money.”


Meng Guang looked at the heroic woman in front of him, and watching the other participants blush with excitement and wanting to ask for an autograph with her. He was angry and unwilling!


Meng Guang: “I just don’t want it. I’m not willing. What’s so great about not having to rely on the Meng family.” He went straight to grab the phone of Director Han and held it. He dialed Meng Jiang’s number.


Meng Jian: “Hello.”


Meng Guang: “I am Meng Guang.”


Hearing Meng Guang;s voice, Meng Jian’s voice softened: “Son, do you want to come back? If you want to come back, I will ask someone to pick you up now. When you come back, don’t listen to Meng Chu. She deliberately sent you to the program. Any changes is not needed. What does she mean by reform? You are the future heir of the Meng family.”


Meng Guang: “From now on, I will break off our relationship. I will post it on the newspaper soon!”


Meng Jian: “??!”


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