The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 5

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 5 – This girl is really daring! (1)


Meng Chu looked at the man sitting across from her, and then at the food stall outside. Staring at her was her blind date. The group of people headed by Lu Gaofei was awkward, and the man was calm and relaxed.


Meng Chu: “Mr. Lu, can you wait for me for a while before we start our blind date formally?”


Lu Jingan held the cup with his distinct fingers, but his eyes kept falling on Meng Chu, “Are you dissatisfied with me?”


He thought of all the reasons that Meng Chu would find him inappropriate, and said: “I am saving for the bride price, and I have a house and a car. My parents will not interfere with my life after marriage. Although I don’t have a high saslary, I am steadfast and willing to work. I can support my wife and children.”


“It’s not these problems.”


It was hard for Meng Chu to tell him, but Lu Jingan is really a good match among ordinary people. His face is pleasing to the eye. If she will change her blind date, Meng Chu felt that there would be little possibility of finding someone better than Lu Jingan.


Taking a deep breath, Meng Chu said generously: “Mr. Lu, to tell you the truth, I have a fiance.” She spoke faster when it came to this, “But I will soon break the engagement with my fiance, and this engagement is not very good either. So, can you wait for me to dissolve the engagement and go on a blind date with me? I know this may offend you, but this engagement is really an engagement that everyone is reluctant and are waiting to be dissolved.”


Even if Meng Chu is just acting, but she is still someone who has an engagement. She still has a moral bottom line. She asked Lu Gaofei to introduce her to a blind date, and she was also waiting to dissolve the engagement with Chen Jinfeng. Who knew that Lu Gaofei gave her such a “surprise”.


Assistant Li, who was sitting next to them, squirted out the water he was drinking. This girl is really daring!


Without waiting for Lu Jingan’s answer, Meng Chu felt that there was no need to continue the blind date. She got up, went out and paid the bill by the way.


After leaving, Meng Chu saw Lu Gaofei trotting towards her.


Lu Gaofei: “How is it?”


Meng Chu: “It’s not that you can arrange a blind date when I say that I need a blind date.”


Lu Gaofei: “Well, he looks like the best in the world, and it meets your requirements. What should you do if he ran away? What did you say? Is it successful or not?”


Meng Chu: “You can send the performance fee on my account, no discount.”


She straightened up, adjusted her floral dress and walked forward with a pair of straight and enviable long legs.


Lu Gaofei: “Don’t, how many have we known each other, when did I ask for a discount? I’ll find the best in the world for you. Just say when you want a blind date, I will arrange it for you.”


In the shop, Assistant Li took the place where Meng Chu had just sat: “Mr. Lu, what was that?!”


Lu Jingan cast a glance at him, and Assistant Li was silent.

It was more than ten o’clock when she got home. Meng Chu took a bath and changed into a pure and delicate nightdress that fits her personality. She is probably acting habitually. She feels that she only needs to put on clothes that fit her personality. Being able to play the role of a female partner is all in her subconscious.


The phone rang.


It’s the entertainment news pushed by the app, which is the return of the popular star in the past. Is she coming back alone to the top?


In the original story, when the female protagonist went abroad, she was already a popular star in China. When she went abroad, the news on the internet was buzzing for many days. Now that she is returning to China, she has shown her influence. Her news and announcement are all over the internet.


Now Meng Chu has become the poor subject of everyone’s mouth.


Everyone felt that as long as the heroine comes back, Chen Jinfeng would definitely dissolve their engagement and then she will refuse to let go, and have a sad relationship with Chen Jinfeng and the other person. It was her who abused herself, and Chen Jinfeng and the heroine were in love.


Fortunately, the media did not know and did not report on the heroine’s affairs with Chen Jinfeng before leaving the country, otherwise Meng Chu would now become the target of sympathy of the entire city.


Early the next morning.


Li Meng, who came to find Meng Chu, poured himself a glass of coke and poured warm water for Meng Chu.


Li Meng: “Would you like to go shopping together today?”


Meng Chu lacked interest, so she could only buy clean dresses when she went shopping.


Li Meng felt very distressed: “Don’t be like this. If she dares to snatch Chen Jinfeng from you, I’ll fight her!”


They grew up together, and have been different since they were young.


Meng Chu was full of yearning: “You said, Jinfeng would have forgotten her.”


She was so naive, if Chen Jinfeng had really forgotten her, how could he be so cold to Meng Chu.


Li Meng didn’t dare to say more, for the sake of Meng Chu’s happiness, she even complimented Chen Jinfeng against her intentions: “He’s not an unscrupulous person. Let’s go shopping. Shopping can make you happy. Just use Chen Jinfeng’s card. He gave you his secondary card. He said that you, as his fiancée, you can use his card.”


Every time Meng Chu goes shopping, she uses her own card. Li Meng doesn’t know what to say. Meng Chu insisted not to use Chen Jinfeng’s card, as to not make Chen Jinfeng dislike her. Besides, she put gold on Chen Jinfeng’s face whether she used it or not.


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