The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 50

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 50 – In Addition to Money and Face (2)


What is his son talking about? He is the hope of the Meng family. He only has this one son. Now he saw that he want to cut off their relationship?


Meng Guang stared at Meng Chu: “I will be richer than you!”


Meng Chu raised her brow and shook the belt in her hand as if saying: “Others will not give you money just because you are a man. But I will be able to give it to you.”


Meng Guang was so embarrassed that his face flushed: “Hurry up and take your plane back. I will do the tasks.”


The participants listened. One after the other, they asked for Meng Chu’s autograph. They surrounded Meng Chu, and they spoke non stop.


When Meng Chu went back, the news of Meng Guang’s relationship with the Meng family was published. The key point is that Meng Chu was the witness.


When she returned home, she saw Meng Jian standing outside the gate of her villa. He should have been there for a long time.


Meng Jian really hates Meng Chu. Everyone knows that Meng Guang is his heart. Everyone in the Meng family has to hold on to Meng Guang. Now that Meng Guang has broken off the relationship with him, it must have been because of Meng Chu. Otherwise, it will be impossible for him to do it.


When Meng Jian saw Meng Chu, he wanted to let out his anger, but Meng Chu walked up to him and drew a hundred yuan bill: “No need to come.”




“Show him the newspaper.”




Meng Chu said with a smile: “It’s all broke. It is inappropriate for you to call me ‘you’. If you want to shout, go to Meng Guang.”


Meng Jian sternly said: “Meng Chu, I don’t know what you told Meng Guang, but I’m telling you, don’t try to provoke the relationship between us. As for my relationship with him, it will be impossible to break off!”


This is Meng Chu’s belief. People like Meng Jian will go crazy without a son. After all, if there is no son, there will be no one to inherit his properties. For him, the daughters will only pave the way for the son.


Meng Chu: “So, why are you telling me not to look for Meng Guang. If you come to me, Meng Guang will come back and call you father? No, even if you are here for a night, Meng Guang will never come back and call you father.”


Seeing Meng Jian being silent, Meng Chu continued: “You can reflect on yourself.”


Meng Jian: “Meng Chu, I will wait for you to go bankrupt, and when you do, you will beg me but I won’t help you!”


The next day…


He Xiu started a live broadcast for her new single.


This is He Xiu’s first work after returning to China. The album that Chen Jinfeng gave to He Xiu is very well-made. Even the promotional posters were designed by a famous designer.


In the company’s group, Li Meng forwarded the live broadcast.


[Li Meng: She is saying that her songwriter is a genius and she is good at writing love songs. The songwriter is still in the live broadcast room. She probably wants to help with the marketing.]


[Vice President Tang: Take the money and hit the songwriter!]


[Li Meng: Vice President Tang, you are violent.]


[Vice President Tang: QAQ]


[Vice President Tang: It is better to spend the money on investment. Today is also a day of hard work, and the day at work is really wonderful.]


[Li Meng: Okay, we will pay a high price to dig out the songwriter. She looks good, but is she also really good.]


[Meng Chu: You don’t need to spend money.]


[Vice President Tang: I was so relieved that our chairman did not spend any more money. I think I can work until retirement!]


Meng Chu remembered that her apprentice contacted Lu Gaofei and said that He Xiu came to her to write a song at a high price. She clicked onto the live broadcast, and then saw He Xiu with her cute little apprentice.


He Xiu: “I really like the songs she wrote. Do you know what it feels like to be amazing at a glance? I was thinking, how could there be such an excellent songwriter in this world.”


Meng Chu’s apprentice suddenly retorted: “No. I’m not very good. My master is the on who is a very good songwriter!”


He Xiu’s smile twitched. Who is this master, can he beat Meng Chu? She softly asked: “Who is your master?”


It must be a famous songwriter!


The author has something to say:
Lu Jingan’s diary:
I didn’t see her today. The distance creates feelings. She must think of me occasionally.

I miss her so much. It turns out that distance creates feelings. My idea is correct.

Tomorrow, I must go and see her!


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