The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 51

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 51 – She Rejected Me (1)


When her master was mentioned, Xiang Wang’s eyes were glowing, and she was a little shy: “My master is Jiang Chu. She is my favorite song writer. It is also because of her that I entered this industry.”


He Xiu subconsciously applauded when Xiang Wang said who her master was. Then the applause became smaller and the smile froze on her face. She couldn’t even fake a smile.


Xiang Wang opened the topic about Meng Chu, and she began to talk endlessly: “Every song that my master writes, I listen to them on repeat. Not only does she write well, she is also very gentle. Later, when she appeared in front of the media, I realized that she was also beautiful, just like her voice.”


— F̲*̲c̲k̲!


— Seeking the hope that He Xiu was having just now.


— Who can stand it? Did Xiang Wang came here on purpose to do something.


— Hahahahahahahaha


— This live broadcast is so exciting. I look forward to the official launch of He Xiu’s album. I don’t know how Meng Chu will react when she finds out that her apprentice wrote and produced the songs.


There were more people in the live broadcast. He Xiu worked hard to maintain her reaction, but for a while, she did not know what to say to Xiang Wang anymore. She praised Xiang Wang, and then the song writer praised Meng Chu. What will be the news tomorrow?


He Xiu’s fans came out to control the comments, and some irrationally condemned Xiang Wang’s behavior on the live broadcast.


Xiang Wang: “My master is someone I look up to. She is my star.”


He Xiu really couldn’t help but get up, but Agent Wu shook his head. This was He Xiu’s first work after returning to China, and she needs to do well.


He Xiu: “You will surpass your master.”


Xiang Wang was dumbfounded: “Impossible. The songs I wrote has never compared with my master.”


This simply means that it was not worthy. They played on the public screens together, and the songwriter said that they were not worthy to be compared with Meng Chu. Could it be that He Xiu, who was born as an actress, could not make this song popular?


Why didn’t Xiang Wang directly say that the song she wrote couldn’t even compare to a song that was thrown away by Meng Chu.


In just over ten minutes, He Xiu felt impatient, and she tried her best to be patient. As soon as her album was released, the staff will shut down the live broadcast. She looked at Xiang Wang sarcastically: “Since you are Meng Chu’s apprentice, why did you sell me your songs? Did Meng Chu instruct you?”


Xiang Wang was innocent: “Your agent begged me.”


At that time, several singers wanted to buy them, but Agent Wu asked to buy them at a high price. She then asked Meng Chu, and Meng Chu did not have any objection, so she sold the songs to He Xiu.


Agent Wu smiled awkwardly: “I, I didn’t know that she was Meng Chu’s apprentice, she did not mention it.”


If he knew that Xiang Wang was Meng Chu’s apprentice, let alone buy the song, he would belittle her. Meng Chu and He Xiu can get along and be in peace, but there could only be one who shines. Either the east wind prevails or the west wind overwhelms the east wind. What He Xiu wanted was to always be the winner.


Xiang Wang picked up her bag: “Remember to deposit the money on my account. I want to leave.”


The sale of Xiang Wang’s songs to He Xiu did not include help in promotion and live broadcast. It was Agent Wu who added the money, so she came here.


He Xiu: “Ah! Meng Chu!!!”


The staff panicked: “The live broadcast is not closed.”


Just now, He Xiu was anxious, the staff was also anxious, and the broadcast was not closed.


Agent Wu: “It’s okay, we can still clean it up. You have to convince everyone that the success of this song is because you sang it, not because it was written by Xiang Wang. Think about how to do it. But before that, we must let the song sales go up, and enter the top three on the charts. It’s best to get the top spot. There are no particular singers who have released a song recently!”


When Xiang Wang went to Lu Gaofei’s bar, she saw Meng Chu, and said: “Master, I have the money. I can buy a house here, and we will be in the same city in the future!”


Vice President Tang was moved: “It’s saving money!”


This one looks obedient and foolish at first sight, and can make money.


The songs written by Xiang Wang is really good, even if a non-professional singer like He Xiu sang it, the sales would still be very good.


However, the most rewarding bonus for this is not about He Xiu or Meng Chu. Because the name of the song is ‘Stars’, and it is derived from Meng Chu’s songs.


Because Meng Chu is the star that she looks up to.


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