The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 52

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 52 – She Rejected Me (2)


When Meng Chu was reading the private message on Weibo, she saw a message sent by a user named Passerby No. 2, and she clicked it.


[Passerby No. 2: Their love affair is resisted by all martial artists. The reason is that they are mentor and apprentice!]


[Passerby No. 2: The master-disciple relationship is deep, and the finale is a bad ending!]


[Passerby No. 2: Shocked, a certain game apprentice master and disciple shows affection.]


[Meng Chu: ? ? ?]


[Passerby No. 2: Fans helped forward it!]


Meng Chu was reading other private messages on Weibo. Sure enough, many fans reposted them. She acted neatly and wanted to block Passerby No. 2, but she thought of Passerby No. 3, No. 4, etc., and did not continue to block.


The game ‘Legend of Dream’ has entered the stage of internal personnel testing, and at the same time, the Lu Group will start various publicity for this online game. After discussions within the Lu Group, their first publicity was a theme song and character-exclusive song for this online game. The person they chose to sing and compose was Meng Chu.


Lu Jingan took the company contract and called Meng Chu.


Because Meng Chu’s chef went to study to get a promotion and raise his salary, after he came back, he made several pastries for Meng Chu.. If she went to the appointment, she could only wait for the chef to make it again, because the chef said that it tastes best when it is fresh. So, Meng Chu asked Lu Jingan to meet at her villa.


Lu Jingan’s voice was very soft and slow while holding the phone: “She asked to meet at her house?”


When he finished speaking, he looked down and smiled.


Assistant Li: “This means that she treats you as a family!”


Lu Jingan officially went to Meng Chu’s villa. The security guard outside the villa received a call from Meng Chu in advance and asked Lu Jingan to sign in before he was let in.


Standing at the entrance of Meng Chu’s villa, Lu Jingan rang the doorbell, and soon the aunt that was hired by Meng Chu came over and took Lu Jingan directly to the garden.


When he heard the laughter in the garden, Lu Jingan’s nervous mood instantly disappeared.


Vice President Tang, Li Meng, and Lu Gaofei was there. They sat around the stone table, which was full of food.


Lu Gaofei waved his hand to Lu Jingan: “Here!


After Lu Jingan sat down next to Meng Chu, he handed the contract to her. Meng Chu gave the contract to Lu Gaofei. Lu Gaofei has always helped her with contracts.


Lu Gaofei flipped through the contract for a while: “Who made this contract?”


Lu Jingan: “The person in charge.”


Lu Gaofei: “Hahaha, Lu Jingan, go back to your company and report that that person was a spy from another company. He wants to spend the money of Lu Group. If not, then this contract was created by a fool. Sign the contract first, don’t let them go back and change it.”


Meng Chu had no reason to refuse this cooperation from the Lu Group. Although the game copyright has been bought by Lu Group as she failed to buy it, but the cooperation is a win-win situation. If Lu Gaofei said that the contract has no problem, then there is no problem. When Meng Chu looked for a pen, Lu Jingan handed it to Meng Chu.


Meng Chu: “Thank you.”


Because everyone has things they should do, Meng Chu also wanted to write songs for ‘Legend of Dream’, so she did not let everyone stay after dinner. After everyone left, Meng Chu went back and took a shower. She then saw the gifts that was brought over.


One gift was packed very delicately. Meng Chu sat on the sofa, put the thing on her lap, and unwrapped the package. Inside was a box of fruits, all of which were close to orange in color.


The aunt was surprised: “Sweet oranges, red oranges, limes… This is buying all citrus fruits, right? This fruit has a heart.”


“It’s popular to combine fruits like this now?”


“It should be. I don’t always pay attention to innovation. I go to the supermarket to buy things. There are many innovative things, and there are heart-shaped watermelons. But this is the first time I’m seeing citrus put together.”


The aunt helped put the fruit away. And then she found that there was a heart-shaped watermelon at the bottom of the fruit basket: “That’s it, it’s popular now. These seems to be imported fruits with labels on them, and some of these are not seasonal fruits. It’s difficult to buy.”


Meng Chu asked, “Who gave this fruit?”


The aunt replied: “It’s Lu Jingan. Mr. Lu.”


Lu Jingan, who gave Meng Chu the fruit, asked assistant Li with a slight frown: “If someone takes citrus, and there is a hear-shaped watermelon hidden underneath, what does it mean?”


Assistant Li found it too difficult, and thinks of fooling around. He clapped his hands: “I like you, we are suitable for being a family!”


Before Lu Jingan laughed, his cell phone rang. It was a WeChat message from Meng Chu.


[Meng Chu: Transfer 1999]


[Meng Chu: I don’t accept gifts.]


These fruits should be very expensive for the ordinary Lu Jingan. Everyone has a budget for living expenses. Meng Chu was worried that Lu Jingan’s budget would be a mess because he bought fruits for her.


Lu Jingan: “She, she rejected me.”


The author has something to say:
Lu Jingan’s diary:
She rejected me because I was not ordinary or nor good-looking enough.
I don’t know what to say when I see her next time, but I must apply a mask today.


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