The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 53

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 53 – Show Off Wealth With An Announcement (1)


Meng Chu held the guitar and wrote a song on the rooftop all night. When the sky was starting to lit up, she slept on the rocking chair with the guitar on her arms. As a result, she was awakened by the notification on her mobile phone. She picked it up and saw a news from the company’s group chat.


[Li Meng: Did He Xiu hit the charts? When I woke up, she was ranked third. It’s a pity that the whole network said that she should not be a singer. There are also professional blogger’s comments. There’s just a small amount of money that was collected.]


[Vice President Tang: Spend the money!]


She opened the music app and clicked on He Xiu’s song. Meng Chu tugged on the think blanket beside her and listened to the song with her eyes closed. From the prelude of the song, one can hear that Xiang Wang wrote a very good song.


In the original novel, He Xiu has been involved in the music industry. After all, in the entertainment industry, singing and acting are just the same. There are a lot of actors who are acting like singers, and many singers are also acting. Meng Chu remembered that the song that He Xiu sang in the original novel were also well received, and her voice was good.


After listening to the song, Meng Chu thought that it was acceptable, but she still did not think that it was a pity that He Xiu did not become a singer.


Meng Chu went to her room and slept on the bed until the afternoon. She then got the latest news from the group chat. He Xiu was ranked second.


There is a songwriter on the internet, who is more extreme. He was surprised because Xiang Wang’s prelude was good, but He Xiu’s performance was disappointing. He was watching the whole network play He Xiu’s song, and then he wrote a long Weibo post. It’s just that the song is good but the person can’t sing well. You don’t deserve it. You wasted a song that can become a classic. If you change to a professional singer, the achievement of this song will be very high.


The staff behind the scenes will hardly have any fans unless they become a benchmark in the industry, or there will be a chance that allows them to have fans. But apparently, this person did not reach any of the two, and his Weibo post was swarmed by He Xiu’s fans that were criticizing him.


— The second spot proves her achievement and hard work.


— Thank you for making us want to work harder for her to be first.


— How did she become second if she’s not good?


A certain video software made a few reports.


She is only 25 years old and has endured countless rumors, but people with strength are ultimately capable. People who want to shine will shine no matter where they are. Some people and things are just passing by. Because she is destined to be someone who will struggle to make her way to the top.


The person we hold in our hearts has always been good. Everyone concentrate on buying her album for her to hit the top of the charts. Please ignore the rumors.


Soon, someone saw the Weibo post that Meng Chu liked. It was the post of the songwriter who criticized He Xiu, and the truth became clear.


It was Meng Chu that was suppressing He Xiu!!!


Meng Chu’s reason for suppressing He Xiu is obvious. Her identity and career also opposed He Xiu. She is worried that He Xiu will take her spot on the music industry, and the blogger wanted to drive the public opinion to suppress He Xiu. Some even wrote about Meng Chu’s motives and her psychological thoughts.


The battle between the two fandoms was about to break out because of this incident, and it was very noisy.


The two fandoms completely tore their faces, because Meng Chu had not released an album for a long time, He Xiu’s fans gave Meng Chu’s fans the four words: Jiang Chu was exhausted!


When Meng Chu arrived at the company, she found that Li Meng and Vice President Tang were watching their mobile phones, looking nervous.


Vice President Tang: “Yeah, I won!”


Meng Chu: “Are you playing games?”


When Meng Chu approached, she heard Vice President Tang answer: “No, I’m fighting against He Xiu’s fans!”


Meng Chu picked up the tablet and flipped it. The above comments already referred to personal achievements, but how does the music circle compare to the TV drama circle. Each were blowing up their own, and bragging about their various awards.


Meng Chu put the tablet aside, took her phone to post on Weibo.


At the same time, Chen Jinfeng asked Agent Wu with a dark face: “Did you buy the various news about Meng Chu?”


Because Agent Wu is He Xiu’s agent, Chen Jinfeng has always been polite to him. He Xiu even took the initiative to help Agent Wu before and after returning home.


He Xiu was also at the room. She was irritated with Chen Jinfeng’s attitude, thinking that Chen Jinfeng was helping Meng Chu. She took Agent Wu, and was about to go out.


Chen Jinfeng: “Listen to me, withdrew the report. Meng Chu’s character…”


He Xiu did not wait for Chen Jinfeng to finish speaking and smiled: “Her character? When did you knew her so well? I asked Agent Wu to send the news. I will not remove it.”


“He Xiu, listen to me.”


“Don’t tell me!”


Meng Chu’s previous character, Chen Jinfeng understood very well. After they broke off the engagement, Chen Jinfeng doubted whether he knew Meng Chu very well, but now he knows. Meng Chu told him to watch his actions last time at the entertainment festival.


Do whatever you want, it’s like a spring. How low I used to be, how strong I am now rebounding.


He Xiu’s team sent out the news about Meng Chu suppressing He Xiu throughout the entire internet. In their opinion, if Meng Chu still has this idea, she will not win the match.


When she was Jiang Chu, she always relied on her strength.


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