The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 54

Trans;ated By: Faery

Chapter 54 – Show Off Wealth With An Announcement (2)


He Xiu slammed the door and soon saw Meng Chu’s Weibo post, along with the company’s opinion.


[Meng Chu V: I’m going to start suppressing you @He Xiu.]


After this was posted, Vice President Tang directly notified Agent Wu that the company wanted to hide He Xiu.


Agent Wu: “F̲*̲c̲k̲!”


This is the first time that Vice President Tang did this. The key part is that he felt that the process did not seem to be like this. He should find a reason, other than directly acting on it, but Meng Chu said that he should directly talk to her.


Agent Wu: “Don’t forget, we have a contract!”


Vice President Tang held his mobile phone and said to Meng Chu “Contract.”


Meng Chu is going to the recording studio. She took Vice President Tang’s phone: “You can rest assured that I will hide He Xiu without breaking off the contract. If there is no such condition, I will work hard to create this condition. By the way, your office is not included in the contract, right? Someone else will use it.”


Hanging up, Meng Chu threw the phone to Vice President Tang.


Vice President Tang: “Who will occupy that office?”


Meng Chu: “I will give it to you.”


Meng Chu did not pay attention to the public opinion on the internet after she posted on Weibo. She wrote the exclusive song for “Legend of Dream” yesterday. Sometimes, a person can’t write a song for months or even a year without inspiration. If one has an inspiration, one can create it quickly.


This time, Meng Chu sang the exclusive song for the characters of the game, so all the things were handled by the Lu Group. The only thing that Meng Chu had to do was to write the song and sing.


When she arrived at the recording studio, Meng Chu was surprised to find that famous guitarist and piano artist in the recording studio. Because Meng Chu had to record the song in advance, the song was just sent to the Lu Group, so the accompaniment was still being recorded.


Looking at the music production team, all of them are well-known in the music industry. This luxurious  lineup is really rare. Meng Chu was listening to the accompaniment with her headphones on, looking for the feel, and thinking of something. She quickly changed a few lyrics on the paper.


Meng Chu stayed in the recording studio until the evening before she finally recorded all the songs that she wrote. There were three songs in total.


Coming out of the recording studio, Meng Chu was breathing in the fresh air, holding a bottle of mineral water in her hand. Because she was singing, she did not know how much water she had drunk this day.


Many staff members walked out of the recording studio.


“This recording studio is top notch.”


“I heard that the Lu Group bough this recording studio.”


“The Lu Group does not have touch the entertainment industry. Why would they buy a recording studio.”


“It should be to record songs in the future.”


Lu Jingan, who has been in the car, looked at the person standing under the moonlight. When she went back with Lu Gaofei, who came to pick her up, Lu Jingan said: “Go back.”


Meng Chu rushed forwards, and Lu Jingan stood behind and brought out the money. The song that Meng Chu sang today should be the most expensive game theme song. In addition to various productions, the publicity fee was also expensive. Of course, because of Meng Chu’s profession, Lu Jingan bought this recording studio.


Lu Gaofei: “How was it?”


Meng Chu: “Very good. But I think that the Lu Group wants to grab a job from me. I heard that they bought the recording studio. I suspect that they want to enter the music industry. If they really want to debut an artist, they can really support it.”


Lu Gaofei: “I really suspect that the Lu Group has a spy.”


Meng Chu: “…”


The next day, a forum discussion popped up.


[1L: You praise Meng Chu for so long, but can you see how long she has not released an album? Because she is worried that she is not as good as before, and is threatened that he position in the music industry will be shaken.]


[2L: I was shocked. People ran out of ideas to hate on Meng Chu. Didn’t you see the information that she was preparing an album?]


[3L: Shut up. In this life, nothing can beat her album. Didn’t you see that the person who wrote HX’s song is MC’s disciple?]


[4L: Did Meng Chu release a song? No. She doesn’t dare release an album anymore!]


[5L: The album is released.]


[6L: ? ? ?]


[7L: F̲*̲c̲k̲! I’m so shocked. This is the the definition of a wealthy person announcing her new album! Go check the hot search for Meng Chu’s new song announcement on Weibo!]


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