The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 55

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 55 – Fierce Competition (1)


Meng Chu’s new song was the number one in the hot search, and the first post after clicking the topic was a post by an entertainment blogger with a photo.


[Entertainment Daily: Have you seen the shopping mall’s opening screen, the LED screen of a taxi company, and ten buses with her photo? I have seen it, it is Meng Chu! The promotion of her new song is simply showing off her wealth to the public!]


— I, I. I, I was shopping in the mall today, and when I was going back, I found that all the open screens where all playing an ad of Meng Chu’s song, and the bus that was passing also had her photo. I thought I had hallucinations!


— As soon as I got into the taxi, the driver asked me, ‘do you know that Meng Chu has a new song?’


— No, you are wrong. This is not showing off wealth. The real showing off is the names of the instrumental accompaniment players on Meng Chu’s album. They are all artists that has high status in their field.


— ? ? ?


— Meng Chu is cooperating with the Lu Group. Are they planning to join hands to spend money?


— Ah ah ah, I bought the album and came back. I want to say that Meng Chu is so talented! Hurry up and listen to the song! Meng Chu will let you know what a top notch song is!


— It is said that this song was written by Meng Chu over a single night, recorded in the studio the next day, and then the song was released today.


— Hahaha, I know. She posted on Weibo and said that she would start to suppress He Xiu, and then she started preparing the album. But isn’t He Xiu her company’s artist?


— Meng Chu: To suppress you, we still need to see if you are an artist of our company, eh?


— Hahahaha, yes, that’s it.


Meng Chu new song and Legend of Dream game gained enough exposure for a while.


When Meng Chu’s new song was officially launched, He Xiu was about to surpass and became the number one in the chart this week. She closely followed the music chart news. She saw Meng Chu’s song rushing towards the top at the speed of a rocket, and she was very worried.


Agent Wu advised: “We released the single two days before Meng Chu’s. a two-day sale is not so easy to recover. Even if she caught up, we can always compete for the first spot.”


Hearing this, He Xiu sighed.


At the same time, the works published by He Xiu’s fans on some video sites has also changed.


She is just an actor. It is already very good to be able to fight on the second spot among the singers. We can’t ask her for too much. After all, in my opinion, being in the top three is already a very good result.


That year, she succeeded in breaking into the music circle by herself, and the first song she released was one step away from the reaching the top. I believe that in the future, she will definitely get that spot.


Until the evening, Meng Chu’s three new songs made it into the top ten in a fast speed!


When Xiang Wan went shopping, the reporter stopped her and asked a few questions.


The reporter asked: “Have you listened to your master’s latest song? How do you think your song compares to hers?”


Xiang Wan pursed her lips and smiled: “I have started to listen to the new album. The next competition will be fierce.”


The reporter thought: “Which position do you think your song will end up in?”


“Fourth or fifth place.”




It does not mean that it will be intense. In the competition, Meng Chu produced three new songs. Now you think the song you wrote will be in the fourth or fifth place. What else are you competing for?


The reporter brought out his thought: “You say that the competition will be fierce. Then why do you think that your song will be in the fourth or fifth place?”


Xiang Wan: “It must be fierce. I can’t guess it. How will master’s three new songs will rank? Which one will be first, which one is second, and which one is third.”


Reporter: “You… What you said is that the competition will be fierce, does that mean your master will compete fiercely with herself?”


Xiang Wan: “Yes.”


After the video was uploaded by the reporter to the internet, some black fans did not have the time to laugh. While He Xiu’s songs were few spots away from the top, Meng Chu’s three songs entered the top three together, squeezing He Xiu to fourth place, and then these three songs unfolded and battled for the top spot!


The position of the three songs constantly alternated.


Meng Chu’s fans are so sad. It was too difficult for them to choose which one will be on the top.


Meng Chu’s fans were already very anxious. Other videos of He Xiu could be found on the video site, and many of them started posting about Meng Chu’s videos.


That year, she monopolized the top three spots in the music chart with her own strength, and proved her position as the top female singer in the industry. She was only 23-years-old. How did a 23-years-old girl did such an excellent job? Every song in the top three is outstanding!


Meng Chu, who was 23 that year, proved with her strength that she could climb to the top as long as she wanted to. That was a position that others cannot take away!


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