The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 56

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 56 – Fierce Competition (2)


He Xiu looked at the music chart in disbelief: “Impossible! She bought the result, otherwise how could three of her songs enter the top three spot!”


She was talking about how Meng Chu’s songs overwhelmed one another.


He Xiu saw the hottest comment. Only Meng Chu can beat Meng Chu?!


He Xiu registered an account and commented on Meng Chu’s songs. Her comment was sent out within a few minutes.


[Impossible: This result is rigged. Meng Chu spared no effort to step on He Xiu!]


[Little Meng Chu Fan: You are crazy. She doesn’t need to cheat if she wants to step on He Xiu. Stepping on He Xiu’s sales has long been enough. Now it is the internal competition of us Meng Chu fans. Just shut up!]


[I Like Meng Chu So Much: Oh, don’t talk about it. I like both of them very much. The voice is clean and refreshing. The key is that both of them sang different feelings, don’t pay attention to the comment upstairs. She doesn’t what strength and what is sales.]


[YaoYaoYao: What do I want to do? I want a bowl of water to be smooth, and the trumpet that finds fault will be handled according to He Xiu!]


Meng Chu did not expect that the publicity of the Lu Group was so powerful. She was busy for two to three days. She fell asleep at home after the album was officially launched. She did not pay attention to the problems on the internet. She woke up the next day after the album was released.


She received a call from a reporter.


Reporters usually did not know her phone number, but after she came out in public, some media reporters were able to find her mobile number.


The reporter asked: “Miss Meng, are you really going to start suppressing He Xiu? Apart from releasing a new song, what plans do you have next?”


Meng Chu: “It’s obvious.”


Reporter: “…”


Meng Chu: “We suggest that she terminates the contract as soon as possible.”


The speechless reporter: “That, that…”


F̲*̲c̲k̲. He did not know what to say.


In the next few days, there was no suspense that Meng Chu competed with herself. He Xiu, who had been working to suppress Meng Chu, disappeared, and the black news on the internet were also much less. Until Chen Jinfeng made an appointment with Meng Chu. He wanted to talk to her about He Xiu’s contract termination.


After Li Meng heard the news, she said a lot in a laughing voice: “I heard that Chen Jinfeng moved out of the Chen family’s villa and has not returned to their company. He must have went to coax He Xiu. Is He Xiu that special? Chen Jinfeng may also have sold his own hotel to collect the liquidated damage.”


“Which hotel?”


“It seems to be the Brilliant Hotel.”


“I will buy it!”


Li Meng: “???”


The future best Chinese chef should have signed a long-term contract with Brilliant Hotel, and he is still working in their kitchen now. In the future, Brilliant Hotel will rely on this chef to rank among the top ten best hotel in China and become famous at home and abroad.


Since Chen Jinfeng sold the hotel, she must buy it.


Meng Chu already started to call Vice President Tang and asked him to come to her office.


Vice President Tang was full of vigor. After all, Meng Chu is in the limelight, and he followed with compliments.


Meng Chu: “Go buy a hotel for me.”


Vice President Tang froze immediately: “Buy, buy a hotel?”


Did Meng Chu forget that she is an owner of an entertainment company?


She, she wants… No, he won’t be unemployed. Meng Chu still has a gold mine!


Vice President Tang: “Okay, I will go now.”


In the afternoon, Meng Chu and Chen Jinfeng met at Shine Entertainment.


Chen Jinfeng lost a lot of weight. He took the lawyer and took the cheque that was written in advance to Meng Chu’s office. Meng Chu also took a lawyer with her. After Meng Chu took the cheque and signed He Xiu’s termination contract, she pushed the document to Chen Jinfeng and even smiled faintly.


Chen Jinfeng had not seen Meng Chu smile to him in a long time, and he unconsciously blurted out: “Why did you hide that you are Jiang Chu?”


Chen Jinfeng was startled after asking. It seems that he never cared about Meng Chu in his previous memory. He did not know anything about Meng Chu, how could Meng Chu tell him that she was Jiang Chu.


He also told Meng Chu that he did not like the entertainment industry. Did Meng Chu hid her name because of it?


Without waiting for Meng Chu’s answer, Chen Jinfeng stood up with the contract and wanted to go out.


Meng Chu: “Mr. Chen, warn He Xiu. If she stays away from me, I will definitely won’t do anything to her. If she is still like this and wants to step on me to fulfill her own status, then she may want to quit the entertainment industry.”


Chen Jinfeng walked a few steps forward away from Meng Chu’s office and met Li Meng, who brought Li Feng with her.


Li Feng stared at Chen Jinfeng for a while, and said: “Thank you.”


Chen Jinfeng: “What?”


Li Feng laughed and said: “Brother, thank you for being blind.”


If Chen Jinfeng was not blind, how could Meng Chu become what she is now?


The author has something to say:
Li Feng: I…
Lu Jingan: Get out of my little theater!

Lu Jingan’s diary:
Forget it. I don’t want to write in my diary today. My little theater is not clean anymore.


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