The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 57

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 57 – Who Got the Last Laugh? (1)


When Li Meng entered Meng Chu’s office, she saw the company’s official termination of contract with He Xiu. She then said, “Fortunately he didn’t throw He Xiu in our hands. If Chen Jinfeng refuses to help He Xiu, we will be at loss.”


In her opinion, to be able to manage the Chen Group, Chen Jinfeng must have high IQ and EQ.


Meng Chu thought about the ending of the original novel, and the identities of Chen Jinfeng and He Xiu as the main character made her laugh. “The beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”


Seeing Li Feng, who was quite on the side, she remembered her promise to him that she will buy him a sports car when she makes money. Meng Chu immediately took Li Feng to the 4S shop and asked him to choose a sports car.


Meng Chu: “I’ll buy the one you like.”


Li Feng blushed: “Sister Chuchu, I don’t need to buy a sports car.”


After thinking for a while, Meng Chu asked, “Then I will give you money directly?”


Meng Chu didn’t seem to be joking, she had already took out her phone and started to transfer money. Li Feng pointed a car casually. As soon as the staff introduced it, Meng Chu’s card was handed over.


Meng Chu: “Swipe it.”


The major newspaper and magazines were very busy that day because everyone received the news about Chen Jinfeng and Meng Chu. It was an exciting topic to write about.


Meng Chu also had ‘Legend of Dreams’ soundtrack that she has not written yet. After she returned home, she took her guitar and other professional equipment to the rooftop. This time, because she was not anxious, she stayed on the rooftop until nine o’clock, and then went back to her bed room to rest.


The company’s chat group was very lively.


[Li Meng: I bet that tomorrow, He Xiu will be marketing tomorrow that she has won love.]


[Vice President Tang: No, she lost her career but won love!]


[Li Meng: Three hundred million will also appear in the newspapers.]


[Vice President Tang: I will sympathize with President Meng throughout the internet, saying that she is the side character in the love between Chen Jinfeng and He Xiu.]


[Li Meng: So what will you do tomorrow?]


[Vice President Tang: I will contact the PR Department for a meeting.]


Meng Chu looked at the chat group before going to bed and drinking the hot milk that the aunt brought up.


The next morning, the latest issue of the newspaper was released. After getting up, Li Meng who was waiting for melons to eat, covered her mouth and laughed when she got the newspaper. The one who came up with the headline was a genius!
[Waiting for melons to eat means that she is waiting for gossip.]


Who got the last laugh? The wealthy engagement broke down, one smashed 300 million for happiness, and the other brought out a little fresh meat to swipe the card without blinking, giving away a luxury sports car.


Today’s headline should be all about He Xiu and Chen Jinfeng’s touching love story. As a result, Meng Chu brought Li Feng to buy a sports car yesterday and was photographed. It became a competition between a wealthy couple, and a soon-to-be-married couple.


Lu Jingan fixed his cuff and went out, leaving the manor and going to the company. The driver drove the car, and Lu Jingan was sitting in the back seat with a computer, handling work.


When Lu Jingan arrived at the company, Assistant Li did not dare to speak. He followed Lu Jingan like a small bird. He and Lu Jingan has worked together for many years, and the relationship between the two is not as simple as a boss-subordinate. Sometimes, Assistant Li can talk to Lu Jingan about some things outside of work. His appearance made Lu Jingan frown.


“Which project of the company has a problem?”


“No, there is no problem.”


Lu Jingan thought it was about Assistant Li’s private matter. He did not continue to ask but said: “The Legend of Dreams game will be officially launched next month. The game’s spokesperson position will be given to Meng Chu. You can arrange the endorsement filming. Simply type out a contract according to the market.”


Assistant Li replied absent mindedly. When Lu Jingan opened the newspaper on the table, Assistant Li quickly said: “Miss Meng is too difficult. In order to vex Chen Jinfeng, she even buys a sports car for a little fresh meat, hahaha…”


Assistant Li’s voice became lower as he laughed, and finally turned into a silent grin. It was too difficult for him.


Lu Jingan looked at the newspaper intently. The ‘Little Fresh Meat’ on the newspaper had his back on the camera, but when one looks closely, it could be seen that his ears were red.


Why is his ears red?!


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