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The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 58

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 58 – Who Got the Last Laugh? (2)


When Meng Chu is feeling good, she usually sleeps until three in the afternoon. After getting up to wash, she took out her mobile phone and went downstairs. First, she read the news on Weibo. Then she saw the private message of Passerby No. 2.


[Passerby No.2: Shocked, a certain woman was squandered by a small fresh meat, and the small fresh meat ran away with the money to find another lover!]


[Passerby No.2: How to judge whether a man likes you or not…]


[Meng Chu: …]


Lu Jingan contacted Meng Chu about the spokesperson contract. When Meng Chu had just finished eating, she went to the company.


Meng Chu has not endorsed any products, but this Legend of Dreams game is a little different. She invested in the TV series and sang the promotional song of the game. She agreed after a little thought.


Soon, the two met at Lu Gaofei’s bar.


After Lu Gaofei looked at the contract and made sure it was okay, Meng Chu signed the contract.


Assistant Li opened the door of the bar and hurried in. He walked towards Lu Jingan’s side and said, “Jingan, my sister got dumped by that little fresh meat. I told her everything. The little fresh meat is only after her money, why won’t she believe me. She doesn’t eat or drink now, please help me persuade her.”


Lu Jingan got up and was a little sorry: “Miss Meng, see you next time. I would go and persuade his sister first.”


Meng Chu: “Okay, go quickly.”


Assistant Li covered his mouth: “When you find a man, you must keep your eyes open! The man’s ear were red when he sees my sister and I found out that he just rubbed it!”


Meng Chu who used to act shy and blush all the time: “…”


Lu Gaofei brought a bottle of good wine for Lu Jingan, and it was a pity that Lu Jingan had already went out.


Knowing what happened to Lu Jingan’s friend’s sister, he said, “You must be careful when choosing a man.”


Meng Chu learned when she arrived at the company that the people who came to look for her were in line, and they all came to persuade her to invest. Those people are seeking cooperation, after all, Chen Jinfeng paid 300 million for He Xiu’s contract termination. They all thought that Meng Chu’s investment is good.


Vice President Tang: “I asked to leave but they disagreed. They are all waiting here. I have said that you may not come to the company today but they said that they will continue to wait. If you don’t want to see them, I can drive them away.”


Although Meng Chu has a gold mine and a hotel that can definitely make money, she still runs an entertainment company. She is still working with Li Meng and she needs to work well.


Besides, she was fine, so she went to the reception room with Vice President Tang.


As soon as Meng Chu entered the reception room, the producers and directors who had come to persuade he to invest in their dramas stood up one after the other, their eyes shining when they looked at Meng Chu!


“President Meng, take a look at my script…”


“President Meng, reality shows are the most popular now, and my reality show is very creative.”


“Hahaha, President Meng is so beautiful!”


Meng Chu: “Introduce yourself one by one, starting from the right. Everyone will go to the meeting room with me.”


After speaking, Meng Chu’s gaze fell on the man in the conference room who was dressed cleanly and looked like an assistant. He had a blue hand strap in his had. The whole person looked a little rough. Meng Chu seemed to have thought of something, and asked: “What is your name?”


The man did not expect Meng Chu to ask for his name. The director who came with him did not know what Meng Chu wanted to do, and he did not say a word for a while.


The man replied: “Lin Shu.”


Sure enough, it was him. He is the blockbuster director in the novel. He started as an assistant and then became a director. As a result, he directed one show after another and finally became a world-class director!


Meng Chu acted swiftly, “I will invest in whatever you direct, but you have to sign a contract with my company.”


The reception room was quiet.


What is Meng Chu talking about?!


Lin Shu couldn’t believe it. He pointed to himself and asked, “Me?”


Meng Chu: “You can sign the contract now.”


Lin Shu’s excited hand trembled, and finally said: “President Meng, can we go out and talk?”


Soon, Meng Chu and Li Shu stood outside the conference room. Meng Chu really wanted to sign Lin Shu because as long as Lin Shu is in her company, the future of Shine Entertainment is secured.


Meng Chu waited for Lin Shu to speak, but Lin Shu held back for a long time and said: “I cherish this opportunity, but I, I can’t sign in your company.”


Meng Chu: “…”


“I’ll get someone else.”


“I, I’m going to sign the contract now!”


After Meng Chu signed Lin Shu, she went to the conference room to read the scripts of the various investment projects. In the end, none of them were good.


Soon, Meng Chu stunned the entire industry.


Meng Chu wanted to go bankrupt again?!


She is not working hard to make money, but working hard for bankruptcy!


If you have money, you can hire a random assistant and make him a director. Are you crazy or do you dislike your own money?


A big industry guy commented: “Meng Chu felt that ‘Legend of Dreams’ can rely on the Lu Group’s success, and there was a gold mine, so she deliberately asked the assistant to be the director. She wants to tell us that anyone who can invest will succeed. ‘Legend of Dreams’ is not catchy enough to be popular. It will be broadcasted on the day the Lu Group will launch the game. We will wait until ‘Legend of Dreams’ hits. Meng Chu, I know that you are wrong!


Everyone agreed, thinking that the big man was right!


The author has something to say:
Lu Jingan’s diary:
Today is a day to help my future wife identify scumbags. The standard of a scumbag is simple, anyone who wants to marry my wife is a scumbag!


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