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The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 59

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 59 – Publicity (1)


The whole industry seems to think that Meng Chu’s ‘Legend of Dreams’ investment is already a failure. Otherwise, no one would speak up about it in public and step on Meng Chu. Moreover, her entertainment industry is on the verge of bankruptcy everyday.


Vice President Tang: “We must seize this opportunity to contact the producer of ‘Legend of Dreams’ and ask him to air it the same day the game will be released.”


Meng Chu refused: “No, we can’t let the game make the drama popular.”


Vice President Tang choked on his water. His eyes widened and he really didn’t understand what Meng Chu meant.


Now, the whole industry feels that the only chance of ‘Legend of Dreams’ is to live up to the game created by the Lu Group, and then Meng Chu’s idea was that the drama should not rely on the game.


Meng Chu: “I contacted the producer and asked him to make an official announcement as soon as possible. We must avoid the day that the game will be online.”


What Meng Chu wants is for everyone to play the game because of the drama, not watch the drama because of the game.


This drama is going to be popular. If the drama is delayed, it will give people the illusion that the drama became popular only because of the game, and there would be no achievement, only pity.


When the producer of Legend of Dreams received the call from Meng Chu, his tone was anxious: “President Meng, you must have believed in us when you invested in our drama, so please continue to believe in us. We spent all the money on this drama. We did it sincerely, especially on the special effects. We are confident that we will become the Xianxia drama with the best special effects. Besides, we can also release it on the same day as the Lu Group!”


Meng Chu: “The drama will be released before the game. I will double the money.”


The producer of the drama almost passed out, and he pinched himself to remind himself that he was not dreaming!


Vice President Tang also passed out, and kept muttering: “There is a mine, there is a mine, Meng Chu has a mine!”


Li Meng put her chin on her hands and looked at Meng Chu’s bright eyes: “We’re looking good!”


In the afternoon, the official website of the ‘Legend of Dreams’ game adaptation of the Lu Group announced that the game will be launched in half a month.


The games of the Lu Group have always been good, and there are a large of diehard fans. These people are very enthusiastic on the games developed by the Lu Group, and they are looking forward to it.


— To be honest, I am really looking forward to this game. But will the drama be good?


— Hahaha. The drama will only rely on this game.


— Hahahaha. Soon the drama will be officially announced. Do you think it will be released along with the game?


— The Lu Group is really decent. If I was the boss of the Lu Group, I would not give them a chance to stain the company’s reputation.


— Quickly, the official account of the drama has been updated!


[Legend of Dreams Drama V: The drama will officially be released after three days. Thanks to our investor @Meng Chu for the additional fee. We hope we can live up to the expectation of all the crew and the trust of our investor!]


The internet: “???”


They all stared at the official post and waited for it to be edited. The result was that after a minute, it was not edited, it did not change after two minutes, three minutes and it still was not change…


There is also an additional fee. Did Meng Chu kidnap the producer?


The industry was even more stunned with Meng Chu’s actions. She was trying to save her face, but even if she does, if the drama will be broadcasted, wouldn’t she lose her money?


Meng Chu looked at the time when Guan Bo announced that the drama will be released, and was finally satisfied. She invited everyone to eat at the hotel that she just bought.


Vice President Tang helped her buy Chen Jinfeng’s hotel from the previous buyer. All the procedures has been completed, but she has not seen it yet.


Meng Chu, Li Meng, and Vice President Tang were all in the company. When they were about to leave, Vice President Tang shed tears of excitement. He wanted to hug Meng Chu and Li Meng, but he didn’t dare to. He could only hug himself, and then say: “The game adaptation of Legend of Dreams will be online after three days!”


Meng Chu: “The drama will be released today. Quickly contact the producer and ask him to contact the major video sites. The most important thing is, don’t let anyone find out about the change of plans!”


Vice President Tang: “Huh?”


Meng Chu: “Hurry! There is also a publicity fee for them to use. Let everyone have a deep impression of this drama!”


At the same time, the netizens who were waiting for melons were stunned. The Lu Group will release the game at the same time with the drama. They might want to help, but this situation is incomprehensible.


The producer of the drama took the money: “I don’t know how to use the publicity fee. The crew doesn’t need so much publicity fee. Can we use less?”


Vice President Tang who came to help was embarrassed: “What kind of publicity will you use?”


Producer: “I, I don’t know. This is the first drama that I produced. Before, I worked in the crew and watch people announce it. It’s all about learning how to save money and publish it online.”


Vice President Tang: “I know what to do.”


“What to do?”


“Call President Meng, she would spend the money!”


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