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The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 6

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 6 – This girl is really daring! (2)


Some time ago, Li Meng also heard a silly remark that Meng Chu did not lose money for Chen Jinfeng as his fiancee. After all, Chen Jinfeng would give her money every month and gave Meng Chu his secondary card.


But who knows, who knows that Meng Chu didn’t even move!


System: “Host, unless you have a valid reason, you are not allowed to use Chen Jinfeng’s secondary card and the money Chen Jinfeng gave you. When you took the original owner’s body, you must conform to what the female character did.”


Meng Chu: “There is a legitimate reason!”


System: “What is the legitimate reason?”


Meng Chu: “The female lead returned to China, and I began to swipe Chen Jinfeng’s secondary card and the money that he gave every month. You think I was using Chen Jinfeng’s card. No, I want to show everyone that I am Chen Jinfeng’s fiancee and I can swipe his secondary card!”


“It seems to make sense.”


“I’m going to stabilize my position as Chen Jinfeng’s fiancee.”


“You want to tell everyone. There are many ways for you to solidify the place as Chen Jinfeng’s fiancee.”


“But swiping a card is the best way to show it.”


Meng Chu couldn’t be moved. She showed a shallow smile with a soft voice: “If I use his card, I can prove that I am his fiance.”


Li Meng: “Yes…definitely!”


Meng Chu took the card and she and Li Meng went to the mall. Meng Chu looked at the various counters in the mall and walked directly towards the jewelry counter.


About to walk to the counter, Li Meng pulled Meng Chu, she was a little bored: “Why is Meng Mang here.”


Meng Man is Meng Chu’s sister, the daughter of the Meng family, she likes to compare herself with Meng Chu the most. She doesn’t know what the comparison is. The Meng family can’t compare her to Meng Chu. One is because she was born with her brother and became the little princess of the Meng family, and the other is that they do not want to use her marriage as a bargaining chip.


Meng Mang was surprised: “Sister, you also come to buy jewelry.” She showed Meng Chu the earrings she had just selected: “Sister, what do you think of this pair of earrings, I just selected them.”


Meng Chu and Meng Mang stood together, not looking like sisters, it could be said that they didn’t look alike.


Meng Chu stood delicately, as if a gust of wind could blow her down: “It’s beautiful.”


Meng Mang: “Sister, you choose quickly, I’ll help you try it.” She pointed to the expensive diamond bracelet inside the counter innocently and asked: “Sister, what do you think of this?”


The staff at the counter quickly introduced the diamond bracelet Meng Mang pointed to. This diamond bracelet also had a love metaphor, which made nine diamonds into a bracelet. In which it symbolizes long-lasting love.

Meng Mang: “It’s really romantic, elder sister, why don’t you buy this one.”


Meng Chu: “Do you want to choose other jewellery?”


Meng Mang vigilantly gave the earrings she chose to the staff at the counter to get it wrapped, she said: “No, I have already selected.”


Meng Chu: “I want to the whole set.”


Meng Mang: “???”


Meng Chu took out the card: “Swipe it.”


With a look of shock, Meng Chu pointed to several counters again: “I want all of these.”


Meng Mang: “Sister, are you kidding me?”


How could she afford the jewelries in the counter when she only had the allowance giver to her by the Meng family? She doesn’t even have her own estate.


Meng Chu shook her head, and even urged the staff at the counter to help her pack things up quickly.


Seeing the staff at the jewelry counter were packing the jewels in the counter, Meng Chu thought they were slow. She asked the staff at the counter, and directly threw the jewels from the counter to the paper bag.


If it weren’t for Meng Chu’s movements, it would be really elegant. Now, it was like picking up rocks on the beach.


According to Meng Chu’s packing method, all the things she bought were packed soon.


Meng Chu came out with a bag of jewels, and she handed it to Li Meng, “What do you like?”


Li Meng looked at the exquisite packaging Meng Mang was holding, she looked at her friend. She was really bold. She couldn’t help but laughed out: “No, no, no.”


Not long after swiping the card to check out, Meng Chu’s cell phone rang.


It was Chen Jinfeng.


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