The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 60

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 60 – Publicity (2)


Meng Chu was still in the company when she received the call. Because Vice President Tang asked for her help, their lunch was changed to dinner, so they could enjoy the drama while eating at night.


Vice President Tang: “President, how can we spend the money for the publicity? We really don’t know!”


Meng Chu thought for a few seconds: “We will not announce it. If you don’t know what to do, then just buy the top ten spots on the hot search. But it an hour before the broadcast. No, buy it a minute before the broadcast!”


Vice President Tang: “Okay!”


There is a mine, and the announcement has been taken out. He is distressed and wants to lash out. Come on, you definitely won’t be unemployed!


It is a very troublesome to broadcast the date and change it. Vice President Tang has been helping to deal with it for a long time before actually getting it done. He then sent a message to Meng Chu, and then Meng Chu and her party set off to Brilliant Hotel. It will only be more than half an hour before the broadcast of Legend of Dreams.


Vice President Tang called the hotel manager in advance, saying that Meng Chu will go to the hotel today. So when they arrived, the hotel manager has been waiting on the hotel lobby.


As soon as Meng Chu and her party entered the hotel, the manager was about to greet her. As a result, he saw He Xiu and her colleagues from her new company entering the hotel.


He Xiu smiled mockingly when she saw Meng Chu. She stepped on her high heels and walked to the hotel manager: “From today onwards, Meng Chu is not allowed to enter this hotel.”


Before going abroad, He Xiu often came to this hotel. The manager was often yelled by her. She suffered all the grievances in Meng Chu’s territory before, but now that Meng Chu has arrived at her territory, she will be ashamed is she did not drive Meng Chu out.


Li Meng looked at He Xiu’s arrogance, and couldn’t help but chuckle. She held Lu Gaofei’s shoulder and bent over with a smile.


He Xiu: “She is not allowed to show up here.”


Li Meng: “Hey, don’t act so high.”


How did He Xiu terminate her contract from Meng Chu’s company? He Xiu did not want to lose face in front of her colleagues, so she ignored Li Meng and looked at Meng Chu mockingly: “Meng Chu, a person with no talent in business, to invest in those types of projects, is simply a joke!”


The manager wiped his sweat: “Miss He, you don’t know what you’re saying.”


He Xiu: “Kick them out.”


The relationship between He Xiu and Meng Chu has been torn apart. He Xiu had to act warily before, but it is different now.


She was about to move forward, and Meng Chu grabbed her sleeve. Just as she let go, Li Meng giggled and passed the tissue.


Li Meng: “Wipe your hand.”


If it wasn’t for her eating melons on the spot, she would have laughed and squatted down.


The manager continued: “Miss He, you don’t now, but this hotel is already owned by Miss Meng.”


He Xiu was taken aback, then she went pale: “How is it possible, this hotel is clearly owned by Chen Jinfeng.”


The manager replied: “Miss He, Mr. Chen sold this hotel in order to have the money for your contract termination fee, and then Miss Meng bought it. So now, the hotel is already owned by Miss Meng.” After speaking, he asked Meng Chu: “Miss Meng, what should I do?”


He Xiu’s face became red. She didn’t know about it. She only knew that Chen Jinfeng brought out the money for her to terminate the contract, and she never asked Chen Jinfeng about it. The group of people that followed her straightened their backs. She said: “Name your price, I will buy it!”


Li Meng finally couldn’t help but laugh. She said: “Yes, you will buy it. Or let Chen Jinfeng buy it. If it is Chen Jinfeng, then forget it. He wants to buy and sell a hotel. His assets are locked. After all, Chen Jinfeng will do anything for you.”


He Xiu heard this and realized what she meant. Chen Jinfeng will go bankrupt because of her.


Meng Chu was smiling. She took a few steps forward, and He Xiu stepped back.


Meng Chu: “I’m not short of money, why should I sell it to you?” After she finished speaking, she waved to the hotel manager: “Throw them all out, and all the people she brought inside will not be allowed to enter in the future.”


After He Xiu and her people were thrown out by the hotel security, she felt her face hurt. The team’s face hurt, but they were more worried about He Xiu getting photographed. If they were indeed photographed, what would they do?


The team hurried to persuade He Xiu, and then took He Xiu to the nanny car and set off.


He Xiu’s team also looked out on Weibo, wanting to check the hot search, or if anyone posted any news. As soon as the hot search was opened, it was all related to Meng Chu and her drama ‘Legend of Dreams’. yes, even the hot search list were the same words!


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