The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 61

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 61 – Marriage (1)


The entire ten hot search shocked everyone, and what was even more shocking was that ‘Legend of Dreams’ was broadcasted online!


The Lu Group changed the opening date, and it was considered to be the reason why ‘Legend of Dreams’ became popular. As a result, it went online overnight without proper promotion, and they even spent money.


After the staff team showed the hot search to He Xiu, she took out her mobile phone and clicked the video software to watch the drama series ‘Legend of Dreams’. she is not interested in this drama, she just want to see how ridiculous it it.


Did Meng Chu think that as long as there is enough marketing, the show will make money? Does she really think that an investment in the entertainment industry only needed money?


Many people have the same ideas like He Xiu, and there are many who went to watch ‘Legend of Dreams’ simply because of those hot searches, and those who used to bad mouth the show before had also clicked on it. Some people even said that this drama series is the pinnacle.


As a result, everyone stared at the screen intently at the beginning of the first episode. As a Xianxia drama, the opening of the drama was a visual feast, and the special effects were incredible.


They continued to watch. Bloody but fascinating plot, the key is that the actors in this drama, they looked like they can actually fly, they have good acting skills, and they are all new actors.


The first three episodes of this drama are free, and the next episodes required premium account to watch. Those who came to watch the show as a joke unknowingly finished the three episodes, and then quickly went premium to continue watching.


A certain forum…


— Listen to my advice, don’t watch ‘Legend of Dreams’.


— Right, right, don’t watch it.


— I’ll see how much blood they filmed.


— Ah ah ah, what kind of special effects did they use? How can it be so good!


— Watching it now!


He Xiu just realized what she had done when she saw that she needed to have a premium account to continue watching. She actually watched the drama that Meng Chu invested in!


The staff of He Xiu’s team is about to start a premium account when He Xiu turned off the video: “What are you doing!”


After hearing this, everyone turned off their phone one after the other.


He Xiu’s fingers clenched. She was always been the most dazzling one, so why is she like this now?


‘Legend of Dreams’ was in two video sites, by there is no major distributor. As a result, the show is about to explode. At the same time, the premium account for the sites reached their highest peak in a month!


The watch rate is growing at a rocket-like speed!


‘Legend of Dreams’ used a sophisticated special effects and the actors’ suberb acting skills and successfully made a turnaround.


The people who made bad comments and said that the drama will be a flop could only feel their face hurt, but if they deleted those posts, then they will become a joke. The blogger who stepped on Meng Chu quickly deleted his post. In order to save face, he publicly apologized. It is better to apologize that to get cursed.


At the same time, the game adaptation of Legend of Dreams has also went online.


In the hotel room, the dinner party directly became a celebratory banquet.


Vice President Tang embraced Lu Gaofei: “It’s too difficult to be in my position. Do you know the feeling of worrying that you will be unemployed every day because your boss wants to invest in a whim?!”


“You let go first!”


“You won’t understand!”




The room was lively. After all, everyone also thought that this drama will flop. Who knew it would explode?


Meng Chu looked at the news that the game went online in advance. Next time, she should stay far away from the Lu Group, and she should never cooperate with them again.


After dinner, everyone went back.


Li Meng: “Let’s go back and download the game. It’s a bit fun, but this kind of game takes a long time to download. Let’s download it first and play together tomorrow.”


Meng Chu wanted to refuse but seeing Li Meng’s smiles, she still agreed. She did not want to download it not because the Lu Group robbed her of this investment, but because she is not very good at playing games.


Back home, Meng Chu received a long thank you message from the producer of the drama, and she read the message carefully.


Meng Chu’s reply to this message meant that the success of the show lies in their hard work. She only provided them with money. Of they hadn’t done well in the special effects and did not find good actors to play, this show would have been a big flop and lose money just like what the people on the internet predicted.


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