The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 62

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 62 – Marriage (2)


The next day, Meng Chu got up in the morning and received messages from many people, in which they all congratulated her. Even Zhou Mian sent her a message.


Zhou Mian’s message was more sincere that the other people’s. She told Meng Chu not to misuse the money she earned and asked her to think about finding a boyfriend. She also said that Meng Guang came back from the show, but did not return to their house. During this time, Meng Jian had been begging Meng Guang to return home but Meng Guang did not listen.


Meng Chu took out her phone to call Zhou Mian. After a long time, the call was connected. Zhou Mian deliberately lowered her voice, but she couldn’t hide the joy and pride in her tone: “From the start, the drama you invested in is soaring well.”


Meng Chu: “If you are not happy, come to me.”


There was no reply, and Meng Chu continued: “Don’t worry, I will be very strong. Besides, Meng Guang can walk out from that home. It’s not impossible for you to leave.”


Zhou Mian hurriedly said a few words to Meng Chu before hanging up the phone.


In the Meng family, Meng Jian was worrying about who will inherit the company. It is really difficult to persuade someone that had been indulged and spoiled for years. Meng Guang left the Meng family because he was young and frivolous and wanted face.


In the the afternoon, Li Meng came to see Meng Chu with Lu Jingan and Vice President Tang. It was Li Meng who asked Meng Chu to make an appointment with Lu Jingan because he was responsible for developing the game adaptation of Legend of Dreams. He already knew that Meng Chu did not know how to play, so when Meng Chu asked to have an appointment, it meant that Lu Jingan will teach Meng Chu to play games.


Besides, it must be great to play games with Lu Jingan.


When he met Meng Chu, Lu Jingan congratulated her earnestly. The drama had high ratings and good reviews, which can definitely make a fortune. The key point is that it can earn her a reputation.


Meng Chu: “Your company’s game is also very good. You should have received a big bonus. Congratulations.”


Lu Jingan replied: “There is not a big bonus. Mr. Lu is very picky. Besides, I only helped by being in charge of this project. I’m still a very ordinary programmer.”


Lu Jingan took out his laptop and sat next to Meng Chu and told her how to play the game, including how to upgrade quickly. His voice was deep and magnetic, and the fingers holding the mouse are long and strong. Seeing Meng Chu staring at the computer screen, Lu Jingan explained more carefully.


There are many tasks that can be done in the game, including wedding tasks. When it comes to wedding tasks, Lu Jingan settled down. While playing, he said: “If you want to get married, the man has to give a betrothal gift under the marriage tree, and then the people can get married. The difference between this game and the previous game is…”


If a player gets divorced, it will take half a month. The system will then determine how long it will take before the player can get married again.


But Lu Jingan continued to speak. Meng Chu stood beside Lu Jingan and hovered on the mouse, and clicked the agree button.


The computers of the two sounded together: “Congratulations for successfully getting married!”


Meng Chu: “…”


Li Meng and Vice President Tang were both stupefied.


Meng Chu: “Sorry, my hands slipped.”


Lu Jingan lowered his eyes: “It’s okay, let’s just do the marriage tasks together. Doing it can help you upgrade.”


When the marriage was mentioned, Lu Jingan gulped.


Meng Chu: “Do we still need to the the marriage tasks?”


Lu Jingan: “Yeah.”


The graphics of this game are really beautiful and Meng Chu liked it. But because she didn’t know how to upgrade and do tasks everyday because she is busy, she planned to wait and play the game when she was free. But then Lu Jingan obviously played this game seriously and did tasks.


No, she can’t delay Lu Jingan from doing the tasks.


Meng Chu held the mouse and operated, “Click to agree.”


Lu Jingan didn’t even look at it and immediately clicked to agree.


The voice in the game rang again: “It’s a pity that the two have dissolved their marriage. I hope the two can find love in the future.”


Lu Jingan: “???”


Meng Chu smiled: “I won’t hold you back.”


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