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The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 63

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 63 – Girl Group Dance (1)


Meng Chu gained fame with her investment Legend of Dreams breaking through one billion view, then two billion, and even three billion views. Everyone said that she is wise and had good taste in investments. The key to it is that she is courageous. If this was someone else, would they dare?


For a while, many people paid attention to Meng Chu’s movements, and wanted to try if they could get a share from Meng Chu.


The most direct people invited her to participate in various activities, and there were others who invited her to dinner. Meng Chu didn’t like these, so she threw all of them to Vice President Tang and Li Meng.


Vice President Tang probably heard a lot of compliments recently, but he even forgot about Meng Chu’s ‘virtue’, gearing up for a big fight, and let Shine Entertainment rise to the pinnacle of the industry!


Vice President Tang: “What would our next project be?”


Meng Chu: “Li Shu did not know what to shoot, so we won’t invest for the time being.”


When Li Shu arrived, he was excited as he faced Meng Chu. He bowed over a ninety degrees and handed his project plan to Meng Chu. When he spoke, his face flushed with excitement: “This will definitely be popular!”


Meng Chu did not wait for him to finish speaking and said: “Then start the project. This matter will be left to you, Vice President Tang. Take him to the finance department to get the money.”


Vice President Tang clutched his heart: “You didn’t even look at it. What is this project?”


Meng Chu: “He said that it would be popular.”


Vice President Tang: “We can’t do this. We have to work hard to become the best entertainment company in the industry!”


It is still the same as the original novel. Li Shu’s first drama was a republican drama. This drama was not good, and felt rushed. But during Li Shu’s acceptance of an award, he said that his success was due to his failures. Without it, there would be no current success.


Meng Chu did not want to change the trajectory of Li Shu’s career. She also thought that is Li Shu did not follow the original path, she would still find a way to bring Li Shu’s career back to the original way.


Now, Meng Chu is relieved. She said: “Since I signed him, I will trust him unconditionally.” After that, she returned the project materials directly to Li Shu and encouraged him: “You will definitely succeed.”


Meng Chu did not know, but Li Shu’s eyes were sour, and the project material in his hand was almost crumpled. He did not expect anyone to believe in his so much.


Li Shu opened his mouth: “Chairman Meng, why do you trust me so much?”


Vice President Tang also wanted to know why. The two people stared at Meng Chu, waiting for her answer.


Meng Chu did not change her face: “Because you look like a famous director!”


Chinese language is extensive and profound. Li Shu understood its direct meaning. He asked: “Which famous do I look like?”


Vice President Tang: “Surely not someone foreign?”


Meng Chu took a deep breath: “Go out. Both of you.”


In just one day, Meng Chu wants to invest in different projects. Many people wanted to follow her. After all, Meng Chu’s eyes are not a joke. The cautious ones were still waiting and watching. The bold ones have already begun to test the waters.


When Meng Chu got up early the next morning, Vice President Tang had began to barge the group chat with news.


[Vice President Tang: I am touched. I have met a fool, and there are still other fools.]


[Meng Chu: ???]


[Li Meng: Vice President Tang, weren’t you busy socializing yesterday? Where did you go after that?]


[Meng Chu: He went to a charity, which was good.]


[Deputy Chief: No, he is pertaining to those who wants to invest in the Republican drama. They also said that it will be similar with Legend of Dreams.]


[Meng Chu: It will be an exclusive investment of Shine Entertainment.]


[Vice President Tang: Why?!]


How would she say it? She doesn’t want to cheat others?


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