The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 64

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 64 – Girl Group Dance (2)


Meng Chu really intends to use her own money to support Li Shu, so that his journey will be smoother compared to the original novel. According to the original novel, Li Shu is someone that is serious and dedicated to his work. In the end, he chose He Xiu to be a heroine in his work because of kindness,


If Meng Chu uses her own money to support him, Li Shu will definitely be devoted to Shine Entertainment in the future. The future gains cannot be compared to the money spent now.


Vice President Tang directly complained: “Why!”


Meng Chu: “Because this can’t make money. Don’t tell Li Shu. We can’t cheat others.”


“Li Shu is right next to me.”




When Li Shu heard it, he could not believe it. Meng Chu just said yesterday that he could be popular, and he didn’t even had a project plan. Now, she is saying that his project will not make money, and that they could not cheat on others.


Li Shu’s voice choked: “Why?”


Meng Chu wanted to beat Vice President Tang. She replied: “Vice President Tang wants others to invest, but I don’t want to. Why should I give others the opportunity to make money?”


The answer on the phone changed into Vice President Tang: “I… What are you doing. How can you say that. This project will make money.”


Du du du…


Meng Chu hung up the phone.


Meng Chu handed over the management of the company to Li Meng. She will not return to the company for a while. At least until the drama ‘Dream of the Republic of China’ was prepared. She will not return to the company until Li Shu joins the crew.


Before that, Meng Chu also took two sets of 100, 000 RMB, and asked Li Meng to give them to Vice President Tang and Li Shu.


Li Meng laughed: “Okay, I will give it to them. But if you will not come to the company these days, where will you go?”


Meng Chu: “I want to prepare a concert with Lu Gaofei.”


Lu Gaofei had this idea before, but it was a pity that Meng Chu was worried about her coming out of the public, so she never agreed. Later on, she got too busy that she had no time to do this.


Li Meng: “Okay, then concentrate on preparing for the concert, and remember to give me tickets.”


Meng Chu: “Okay.”



Meng Chu is going to have a concert, and the happiest person is Lu Gaofei. According to the news, there is even a discount event at the bar to celebrate Meng Chu’s concert.


Because he has no experience, Lu Gaofei had to contact professional planners, which was troublesome. If this matter was given to Shine Entertainment, it will definitely be easier, but Meng Chu wanted to separate her singing career and her being the boss. Regarding her work, she will not use Shine Entertainment.


Lu Gaofei: “Leave everything to me. You just need to concentrate on singing and dancing.”


Meng Chu has some basic dance skills that she learned while she was in the Meng family. But because she had not danced for many years, it takes a while for her to perfect difficult movements.


Lu Gaofei suggested: “Dance a girl group dance. It just happens that your debut song matches a girl group dance. This can also be the opening song at your concert.”


Meng Chu also realized this. Her first song has been very popular. Afterwards, she did not want her music to be similar to girl group songs, and make fans want to see her dance.


Meng Chu nodded and agreed.


A few days later, Lu Gaofei took Meng Chu to a temporary rented dance studio. He also hired a dance choreographer to teach Meng Chu.


Teacher Zhou likes Meng Chu’s songs very much and seriously teaches Meng Chu how to dance properly.


In the next few days, Meng Chu left early and returned late, and Lu Gaofei was responsible for picking her up. In addition to girl group dance, Meng Chu also learned some other dances. At the beginning, she was tired after the lessons and did not want to talk. The amount of exercise in dancing was really too great. After a few days of practice, she accepted this amount of exercise.


In the dance studio, Meng Chu wore a loose t-shirt and pleated skirt, her slender legs were wearing a knee-length black socks, and wore a pair of black canvas shoes. She danced to the rhythm of the music, doing every movement carefully. While watching, Teacher Zhou nodded repeatedly.


Seeing Meng Chu’s slender waist and long legs, Teacher Zhou’s eyes were full of envy. Every day she worked hard to exercise but she couldn’t even reach half of Meng Chu’s body proportion. Meng Chu’s legs is an example of the well-proportioned legs.


Teacher Zhou: “If you try a little harder, you can debut among a girl group and become the center.” She then looked at the time: “Do it again from the top.”


After thinking about it, Teacher Zhou stepped forward and knotted Meng Chu’s loose t-shirt, then smiled and stepped aside to play the music again.


The music rang, and Meng Chu danced while singing her own song.


Lu Gaofei took Lu Jingan into the elevator. He looked at the file that Lu Jingan was holding: “At the start, I wanted to use my own money to hold the concert but Meng Chu refused.”


Lu Jingan went to the bar today and wanted to talk to Meng Chu about the concert. The Lu Group wanted to cooperate with her, and Lu Gaofei took him here, saying that they should speak during dinner.


Lu Jingan: “It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t want to cooperate.”


Lu Gaofei frowned: “What do you mean? How about your boss?”


Lu Jingan solemnly said: “I know my boss. So don’t think about it.”


As the two were speaking, the elevator door opened.


Lu Gaofei led Lu Jingan to walk forward. When Lu Gaofei pushed open the door of the studio, he was taken aback when he saw Meng Chu who was still dancing. Usually, when he comes over, Meng Chu has already finished her training.


Lu Gaofei: “You should be able to speak after this.” He looked at Lu Jingan, and then panicked as he looked for a tissue in his pocket. “You… Lu Jingan, are you okay?”


Lu Jingan’s nose was bleeding. He looked at Meng Chu without turning his eyes. He did not even hear Lu Gaofei calling him. He seemed to only hear the music and see Meng Chu dancing.


Lu Gaofei: “Lu Jingan?”


Lu Jingan ignored Lu Gaofei. When Meng Chu made a ‘shooting’ move, he took off his coat and walked towards Meng Chu. He looked like he was embracing Meng Chu as he put the coat on her.


Meng Chu’s entire attention was on Lu Jingan’s nosebleed: “Lu Jingan, go and wipe it quickly.”


The two were very close, and Lu Jingan dumbly said: “I… I’m fine.”


The author has something to say:
Lu Jingan’s diary…

Today, I watched my future wife dance like a female idol. Why did my nose bleed again? Don’t worry about me, I’m fine. I will continue to work hard to chase my future wife!


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