The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 65

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 65 – Sweet (1)


After stopping Lu Jingan’s nosebleed, Meng Chu and the others set off to eat at a nearby restaurant.


Meng Chu’s soft, curly hair was tied into two ponytails. While in the car, she untied her hair while talking to Lu Jingan: “The weather has been hot recently. Eat more bitter gourd. The bitter gourd cleanses the heat in the body.”

The scent of Meng Chu’s hair was a little sweet, and the car was filled with this scent. Lu Jingan and Meng Chu were sitting together in the back row and when Meng Chu untied her hair, the scent became stronger.


Meng Chu asked Lu Jingan: “But why are you here?”


“I’m here?”




Lu Gaofei could not stand it anymore. When the car stopped due to the red traffic light, he said: “Lu Jingan wanted to cooperate with you for your concert.”


With a click, the hair tie in Meng Chu’s hand snapped: “It’s him again!”


Lu Gaofei: “Do you know him?”


Meng Chu tied up her hair into one clean ponytail. After she knew about the leader of the Lu Group, she then refused to cooperate with them. She said to Lu Jingan: “Just tell your boss that I have enough money, and there are no plans to cooperate with others for the time being.”


Lu Jingan frowned. He did not know how he offended Meng Chu, why she resisted his help even though all he wanted was to help her. What did he do wrong?


Lu Gaofei reserved a table at a Cantonese restaurant in advance, and they went directly to their private room when they arrived. Even Lu Gaofei ordered the dishes in advance.


Meng Chu had no appetite. She usually craves for Sichuan food but she rarely eats it. She is going to have a concert and needs to protect her throat. After all, it will be her first concert and she has to pay more attention. After a few bites, Meng Chu stopped eating.


Back home, Meng Chu drank a glass of hot milk that was prepared by the aunt before going upstairs.


Li Meng requested a video call to Meng Chu.


In the past few days, the people in the industry regarded the upcoming drama ‘Dreams of the Republic of China’ as a good investment. Those who have money wanted to invest, and the others wanted to act on this drama.


Meng Chu’s refusal to other people’s investment made the people think that the drama was going to be profitable.


Li Meng: “Don’t you really want to have other investors? There were so many people who wanted to invest. I have seen them and flatly refused. But the more that I refused, the more they wanted to invest.”


Vice President Tang appeared on the screen: “President Chuchu, I suggest… why is the screen lagging?”


Li Meng: “Maybe the network is not good?”


After speaking, she called again. Seeing that Meng Chu was unresponsive, she hung up the video call.


Meng Chu breathed a sigh of relief, threw the phone on the bed, and lay down to sleep.


The next day, Meng Chu got up to go to the dance studio to practice as usual. When she went downstairs, she found that her bodyguards and helpers looked stiff. She then found out that the Meng family came to the villa yesterday, and they were worried that they would come again and create trouble.


Bodyguard: “Don’t worry, Miss Meng. I will throw them out if they make trouble!”


Meng Chu calmly said: “No, just call the police.”


The bodyguard: “…”


The Meng family held a banquet that afternoon. Many people came, most of them were Meng Jian’s business partners, and some came to build relationships.


Out of all the entire Meng family juniors, only Meng Chu was not present. She was the focus of everyone’s attention, unlike before when everyone did not care about her.


Meng Mang and Meng Jian talked to everyone. Many people smiled and complimented Meng Jian, but they soon began to express their intentions.


“Mr. Meng’s daughter is really good.” The man said, and Meng Mang’s mouth rose, then the man continued: “Meng Chu’s investment is really good. She has good a good sight. Many people now want to invest in her current investments.”


Meng Jian’s smile was a little embarrassed.


Everyone knew that Meng Chu had a bad relationship with Meng Jian, but no one believes that the relationship was severed.


The people around agreed.


“Yes, yes. President Meng’s daughter us simply a young business genius.”


“President Meng, your daughter recently invested in a tv drama. Can you introduce her to us? We want to work together with her.”


“Hahaha. I also want to cooperate with President Meng’s daughter. Can you introduce her to us, President Meng?”


Meng Jian listened to what they said and blurted out: “What does she know.” After eh finished speaking, he continued: “I have already severed my relationship with her. I’m sorry, I can’t help you.”


When everyone calmed down, they smiled at Meng Jian and said a few words. It was just that after that, everyone left the banquet in advance. After all, they only came to ask Meng Jian to introduce them to Meng Chu.


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