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The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 66

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 66 – Sweet (2)


On Zhou Mian’s side, all the wealthy wives of businessman were complimenting Meng Chu, saying that she had a great ability.


Meng Mang did not want to show her anger as she heard everyone complimenting Meng Chu. She simply went to a corner and stood still. As a result, she still heard people talking about Meng Chu.


After the banquet, Meng Jian coldly asked Meng Mang to go to his study.


Meng Jian threw a card to Meng Mang: “Go to Meng Chu and tell her that you want to invest in the tv drama of her company. If she disagrees, you can think of a solution. Can you do this little thing?”


Meng Mang: “But didn’t they say that it will not make money?”


Meng Jian: “Just go and invest.”


At the same time, he took out a bank card and handed it to her.


Since returning to China, He Xiu has not made much money and has been spending it all on marketing. Chen Jinfeng gave her money, but it was not enough for her. Not the whole industry wanted to invest in Meng Chu’s company, and He Xiu also made a move.


He Xiu: “Find someone to go and invest. Don’t use our names.”


Agent Wu: “What if Meng Chu is unwilling? Her company has already rejected many people.”


She had also thought about it so she wanted to get a smaller share so that Meng Chu can agree.


At the dance studio, Meng Chu was sweating like rain, and Teacher Zhou praised her when she was resting.


Teacher Zhou: “Your dancing is getting better and better.”


Meng Chu smiled: “I have learned a little before.”


She did not learn it because she wanted to, but because Meng Jian felt that girls should look softer, so that they can have a better marriage in the future. With this reasoning, she and Meng Mang learned some dances that were particularly soft and gentle.


Meng Chu learned from Teacher Zhou and knew what the teacher was capable of, and gave her Vice President Tang’s business card, saying that if she wants to work at Shine Entertainment, she can directly contact Vice President Tang.


As the two people were talking, Meng Chu’s phone rang. Lu Jingan was calling.


Lu Jingan: “I’m downstairs at your dance studio.”


When Meng Chu went downstairs, she saw Lu Jingan, who looked tall and slender under the moonlight. She walked over, and Lu Jingan handed her a pink lunch box.


Meng Chu opened the lunch box and saw the skewers inside. There was also a little chili noodles. She looked up at Lu Jingan.


Lu Jingan: “It’s not very spicy, you can eat it.” When he finished speaking, he gave Meng Chu a longing look.


Meng Chu really couldn’t hold back. She took a bite and there was indeed only a trace of spiciness. She ate the whole bunch.


The two looked at each other and smiled.


Several men walked towards Meng Chu. They observed Meng Chu. Lu Jingan felt their gaze and stood in front to hid and protect Meng Chu behind his back. When he reached for Meng Chu’s sleeve, Meng Chu returned the lunch box to him and stood in front.


Lu Jingan: ???”


Meng Chu: “Don’t be afraid. I learned how to smash bricks from my bodyguard.”


The man in from approached and asked, “Are you Meng Chu?”


Meng Chu nodded.


Several people smiled at each other and then at Meng Chu. The smile on their face were a bit wretched.


Meng Chu raised her foot and kicked the man, grabbed his collar, and asked: “He Xiu or Meng Jian?”


The man’s eyes widened: “What?”


Meng Chu: “I asked you whether He Xiu or Meng Jian sent you!”


The man swallowed, “I don’t know the person you mentioned. I’m here to invest.”


Meng Chu: “…”


Next, the man came over to introduce himself. They wanted to invest and make a fortune from her tv drama. They learned that Meng Chu’s investments are profitable. They had already went to Shine Entertainment several times but they were rejected. It took them a long time to find Meng Chu and when they did, the incident happened.


Meng Chu cannot be blamed for this matter. The head looked wretched and his question was misleading.


Meng Chu was speechless: “Go back. This drama cannot make any money. I am only using it to train Li Shu. Why do you insist to invest when I say that you can lose money.” After that, she turned around and comforted Lu Jingan: “It’s okay, you can go back now.”


Meng Chu was worried that Lu Jingan will be scared. She said, “Should I ask my bodyguards to send you back?”


Lu Jingan was silent for a while and refused: “No, I can go back by myself.”


Meng Chu said: “Forget it. I will send you back. Wait here. I will go upstairs to say goodbye to Teacher Zhou. I’ll call Lu Gaofei.”


Lu Jingan felt sweet, because Meng Chu cared about him.


Wait, where is his cheapest house?


The cheapest is like a 300 sq meter apartment at the heart of the city center.


Lu Jingan wanted to refuse, but Meng Chu had already called Lu Gaofei with her mobile phone.


The author has something to say:
Lu Jingan’s diary: Today, I fell like I have a wrong script. However, this is really a happy day. My future wife cares about me very much. I am one step close to marrying my future wife!


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