The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 67

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 67 – They Are the Best (1)


Lu Gaofei was almost at the dance studio when he received Meng Chu’s call. He was astonished with what Meng Chu said and did no know how to express his reaction.


He did not know how desperate Lu Jingan is now when he is facing Meng Chu.


He said: “I’ll be there soon. I’ll take him back.”


Soon, Lu Gaofei’s car stopped at the front of the dance studio. He unfastened his seat belt and got off the car. Before approaching, he heard Meng Chu and Lu Jingan’s conversation.


Meng Chu: “After you get home, if someone bothers you, just contact me directly. Or if you need me, you can also call me.”


Lu Jingan: “Will I bother you?”


Meng Chu: “No.”


Lu Jingan is… this desperate?


No. They are, they are perfect, they are the best, the best in the world!


If he is not worthy, then who will be worthy?


When the people got in the car, Meng Chu was still thinking about the incident. Everyone wanted to make money, she could understand that. Who would not accept investment to improve the quality of the work? She just did not want them to lose money!


According to what Lu Jingan said, Lu Gaofei drove the car outside a mid-range neighborhood near the bar. Lu Jingan asked Lu Gaofei to stop the car and got off.


When Lu Gaofei drove the car away, Assistant Li, who had been hiding behind the tree, was full of despair. The leaves of the tree fell and a few pieces fell on him. He took the key and walked towards Lu Jingan and followed him to a specific floor.


Assistant Li: “Fine decoration, safe, about 110 sq meters, except with no food at the refrigerator, everything else meets your requirements.”


Lu Jingan: “Ask someone to clean it regularly. There must be fresh ingredients in the refrigerator. Don’t get expensive foods, find a cheaper alternative.”


After he finished speaking, he put the key in his pocket.


He can’t lose this chance now that he has an advantage with Meng Chu!


Meng Chu got up the next day and wanted to go to the dance studio to practice, but Li Meng asked her to come to the company. Meng Mang came to Shine Entertainment.


Meng Chu asked for a leave and went straight to the company.


In the reception room, Meng Mang looked exquisite, and she had deliberately dressed up. She had never talked about business before, but she knew that she is meant to be in the business industry.


Li Meng and Vice President Tang were sitting opposite her. Li Meng even took out a bag of lemon chicken, and she ate as she listened to Vice President Tang. Vice President Tang always had trouble expressing his opinion.


Did the Meng family really thought that Meng Chu was the same as before and will always listen to them?


Meng Mang: “This is your attitude towards your investors?”


She just finished speaking when Meng Chu appeared at the door of the conference room. At least a dozen people followed Meng Chu, and they all shouted ‘President Meng’.


“President Meng, why won’t you let us invest? If you think the money is not enough, we can add more!”


“We can also discuss the division of work!”


“We won’t interfere with the casting of the male and female leads.”


“Yes, yes, yes. Your casting is very good. Our investment is directed at you.”


“President Meng, don’t talk about making or losing money. We decided to take the risk.”


This scene is really impactful. As the people rushed to give their money to Meng Chu, Meng Mang’s face was hot for a while, and the words she just said slapped her.


As soon as Meng Chu showed up at the company, those who wanted to cooperate with her had rushed to join in, and there were still people who were on their way.


People really thought that this tv drama that Meng Chu invested in is a sure bet, especially the smaller companies, who wants to gamble and make a good turn around.


Meng Chu did not want to cheat other people, especially the smaller companies. They will lose money and their company might go bankrupt.


Meng Chu cast a glance at Meng Mang: “Go to the meeting room at ten o’ clock to invest.”


After saying this, Meng Chu went back.


Li Meng stood up. She held a grudge. How many times did Meng Mang bully Meng Chu? She smiled and looked at Meng Mang: “Dearest investor, shall we meet soon?”


When Li Meng said this, the others responded.


Meng Mang stood up and wanted to go back, but when she thought of Meng Jian, she sat down again. She did not want to ask Meng Chu, but she felt that she needs to impress her father.


In the reception room, everyone praised Meng Chu.


“President Meng is really good.”


“That temperament, I don’t know who will be the lucky guy that she will marry in the future.”


Meng Mang listened to these words as the people went inside the meeting room.


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