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The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 68

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 68 – They Are the Best (2)


At ten o’ clock, the people who wanted to invest came to the meeting room. There was not enough space, and the company moved extra chairs inside.


Meng Chu opened the PPT: “Hello everyone, I am Meng Chu. Now I will tell you the reason why the TV series ‘Dreams of the Republic of China’ will not succeed.”


Everyone: “???”


Meng Chu has reasons and evidences: “This drama, there is no point of it that will make money. First, about the crew…”


Meng Chu spent half an hour explaining various analysis, and talked to those who wanted to invest on the shortcomings of the drama. Finally, she summed it all up: “I invested to win the director’s trust. I believe that he is a good director, but he needs training.”


“That’s it. Everyone can go.”


The whole room was silent.


Suddenly, there was an applause in the conference room.


A small company boss said: “I have been in the industry for so many years, and I have never seen anyone like you! President Meng, don’t worry, as long as you say that a drama is profitable in the future, I will definitely invest!”


Meng Chu had to go back and practice her dancing again. As she was about to go back, Vice President Tang wanted to talk to her. Meng Chu directly took out a cheque.


Vice President Tang: “…”


When she went back, Meng Chu met Meng Mang. Meng Chu did not speak and walked forward. She was really busy and had no time to talk to Meng Mang.


Meng Mang could not hold back: “Meng Chu, you did it on purpose. You deliberately embarrassed me.”


Meng Chu looked back at her: “So? What can you do?”


Meng Mang angrily said: “I will become richer than you!”


Meng Chu: “Oh.”


This incident made Meng Chu the talk of the town again.


Meng Mang took the bank card and returned to the Meng family’s villa. When Meng Jian got off work, she told Meng Jian about what happened earlier and Meng Jian was furious.


Meng Jian: “The more she hold tight, the less she wants people to invest. That is the way to make money! You really can’t do anything!”


His heart was full of anger. Meng Chu had left the family, and Meng Guang had also moved out, and now Meng Mang is still unable to do anything. More importantly, since he denied his relationship with Meng Chu at the banquet, he could hear people talking about how good Meng Chu is, as if wanting to embarrass him.


He waited for Meng Chu to all her money, a girl who was just a fledgling was just lucky!


Meng Mang was scared to cry, but her tears did not dare to fall. She was so envious of Meng Chu at this time. If she could be the same as Meng Chu, would she let Meng Jian treat her like this? No. She would definitely refute this type of treatment.


As the day of the concert is getting closer, Meng Chu was busy every day. When she heard that Li Meng say that Meng Mang ran away from home, she thought that she heard wrong. After all, among all the Meng family juniors, there is only Meng Mang left at home. With Meng Mang’s proud character, how could she ran away with the family’s money?


Li Meng drank milk tea while she was on the phone: “Who knows. Maybe she has realized some things. I heard that the money she took was pretty large sum.”


Meng Chu: “Where did she go?”


Li Meng: “I don’t know. I heard that Meng Jian is still looking for her everywhere.”


Lu Gaofei came to find Meng Chu so Meng Chu hung up the phone.


Usually, there will be a special guests during concerts. These guests are invited to boost the popularity of the star who is having a concert. And there is also usually a good relationship between the guest and the star. Meng Chu intended to find someone at her company to be her guest.


Lu Gaofei: “Yu Bai’s manager just contacted me. Yu Bai want to sing with you at the concert.”


Meng Chu was previously treated as a lucky audience at Yu Bai’s concert and sang with him. She nodded and said yes.


Lu Jingan, who had just walked into the bar paused. He turned around and came back later.


Lu Gaofei knows Lu Jingan very well. After all, the places where Lu Jingan rests and relaxes during the night is Lu Gaofei’s bar.


Lu Jingan: “Miss Meng, I brought you rock sugar and white fungus soup.”


Meng Chu: “Thank you.”


After a while, Lu Gaofei came over again and said: “Yu Bai’s agent called again and said that Yu Bai has a very important interview. He won’t be able to come to your concert. The special guest has been changed. Good thing the news has not been sent out yet.”


Lu Gaofei just sat down. Before he had the time to complain, he received a call from Le Tian, the former queen of the industry. Le Tian said that she particularly like Meng Chu’s songs and want to work together with her.


This Le Tian has a bigger name than Yu Bai. The key part is that she retired from the industry, and still wanted to sing together with Meng Chu even after being retired. This is simply too sincere.


Meng Chu personally talked with Le Tian on the phone. The two exchanged contact information, and agreed to practice together for a while.


Meng Chu was anxious to practice with Le Tian. She took a sip of the soup that Lu Jingan gave without using a spoon.


Lu Gaofei glanced at Lu Jingan and then at Meng Chu: “Drink slowly.”


Meng Chu drank fast, but the movements were so beautiful. When she had more than half of the soup, she waved at Lu Jingan an Lu Gaofei, indicating that she will go to an appointment.


Lu Jingan’s gaze moved with Meng Chu. After a long time, he laughed in a low voice, “She’s so cute.”


Lu Gaofei: “???”


What kind of dog food is this.


Lu Gaofei wanted to say something but his phone vibrated, prompting a message.


#Engaged couple He Xiu and Chen Jinfeng suspected to be having a quarrel!#


The author has something to say:
Lu Jingan’s diary: They are not allowed to sing with my future wife nor they are allowed to like my future wife. I can’t help it anymore. I want to write one more sentence. My future wife is so cute.


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