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The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 69

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 69 – The strongest advertisement! (1)


The cause of the news between Chen Jinfeng and He Xiu was that a reporter documented them coming out of the hotel one after the other. He Xiu took Chen Jinfeng’s arm, but Chen Jinfeng got rid of it.


None of the parties involved has responded to this matter, and it got worse. Many people said that if Chen Jinfeng and He Xiu breaks up, they would never believe in love again.


The CP fans of Chen Jinfeng and He Xiu could not accept their quarrel, and some even drag Meng Chu into the water.


— Meng Chu must be very happy now.


— I suspect that their quarrel is related to Meng Chu. Other wise, why would they quarrel when they used to be so sweet!


— I smell conspiracy.


— ???


— Can’t He Xiu be by herself? You guys are amazing, saying that the quarrel was caused by Meng Chu. After that, if He Xiu and Chen Jinfeng gets married and did not have children, will that also be Meng Chu’s fault?


— Meng Chu is living her own life, don’t drag her into this.


In the recording studio, Meng Chu and Le Tian felt a little sympathetic. After practicing the chorus, they worked together to write a song. When Meng Chu came home, it was already early in the morning, and she fell asleep on the bed.


When Meng Chu heard about the news, she combed her head with her hand: “It’s okay with me.”


System: “???”


At the beginning, Meng Chu took the task of the system, thinking that it was just a mission. But who would have thought that the hero and heroine would have quarreled. The quarrel was not handled and the media saw it.


Meng Chu asked Teacher Zhou for leave and went to the company to find Li Meng. After all, Li Meng knew these things best.


Li Meng stayed up all night, and there were dark circles under her eyes: “These reporters are too weak. They did not find the incident at the hotel but captured He Xiu and Chen Jinfeng’s quarrel!”


While she was talking and scrolling the internet, she complained: “I’m blaming the host of this website for breaking the news so early in the morning. I waited until dawn and there were no follow ups!”


“You were up all night just to wait for the follow up?”


“I was in the forum, quarreling with people. They even have conspiracy theories, saying that they fought because of you and that you’re happy with them not being okay.”


While speaking, Li Meng watched her friends expression. Meng Chu did not change her expression, and she did not say that it was not Chen Jinfeng’s fault, so she was relieved.


Throughout the morning, Chen Jinfeng and He Xiu did not respond to the news, and the whole matter became a food for the netizens to eat, and even Meng Chu made it to the hot search because of it.


Vice President Tang ran over in panic: “He Xiu went on a live broadcast with her agent and is coming at you, saying that you need to make things clear!”


Meng Chu was in the office watching the TV series that was directed by Li Shu. She did not raise her head when she heard the words: “Ask which product wants to advertise, discount it cheaply, make it fast because there will be no such opportunity in a while.”


He Xiu’s move is simply doing it for profit. The number of viewers in the live broadcast has reached 60 million. She looked a little haggard, facing the camera, looking pitiful and stubborn. Many people began to feel sorry for her.


The group of people arrived at the entrance of Shine Entertainment. He Xiu turned to face the camera. She burst into tears without saying a word, and finally opened her mouth. The staff of the Shine Entertainment lined up.


Vice President Tang walked to the front. He smiled at He Xiu: “Can you stand aside.”


He Xiu thought that it was Meng Chu who asked Vice President Tang to come out to clarify, so she moved towards his side.


Vice President Tang took out a small bread: “Hello everyone, today, I will introduce you to this fragrant breakfast bread with low calorie, a must have for breakfast! This bread is soft and delicious, and it is a light when bitten. It has a milky flavor, and there is also a red bean paste sandwich buns.”


With a standard smile, Vice President Tang opened a bun and took a bite, and finally nodded in satisfaction: “If you want to buy, please visit the store of Xiangxiang Breakfast Bread on the major shopping platforms!”


In addition to He Xiu’s team, reporters, and some onlookers who came to Shine Entertainment, they thought that it would be a battle. As a result, Shine Entertainment’s people advertised a product and earned advertising fee???


Vice President Tang hurriedly exited after speaking. He hadn’t played this kind of advertisement before and he was a little embarrassed. Next to Vice President Tang was a female employee of Shine Entertainment who introduced another product, a hot pot, and even gave free samples for everyone.


Agent Wu’s expression was not very good. He shouted, “What are you doing!”


This time Agent Wu brought He Xiu over to use this matter to trample on Meng Chu under his feet. It is not that they are standing at a moral stand, they just need to drag her down.


In addition, there was also Chen Jinfeng’s affairs. He wanted to force Chen Jinfeng to admit his mistakes, but things were different from what he expected.


Meng Chu’s voice was like a summer breeze: “Of course we can do anything at out company’s door. If you have any comments, isn’t it better to settle it here?”


Meng Chu walked out of the building. During this period of time, she exercised a lot and lost a lot of weight. This made her facial features more refined. She walked forward in a leisurely manner, and stopped. Facing the staff of Shine Entertainment, she raised her chin slightly: “Go on.”


Soon, the aroma of the hot pot filled the air.


He Xiu’s tears really fell. She pointed at Meng Chu: “You are too much!”


Meng Chu: “These words are more suitable for you.”


He Xiu: “Meng Chu, you don’t know any shame. You already knew that Chen Jinfeng is engaged to me!”


Hearing this sentence, Meng Chu was surprised: “Miss He, are you here to scold yourself?”


Agent Wu stepped forward. Ever since Chen Jinfeng lost his temper with He Xiu yesterday, He Xiu’s states was not quite right. He emphasized every word: “Meng Chu, President Chen and He Xiu had a misunderstanding and have already made up. But it’s not quite right for you to show yourself in front of President Chen. We came here to sincerely apologize to you for being dragged into the water, and please don’t show up in front of President Chen again.”


Meng Chu: “Are you and Mr. Chen dreaming?”


Agent Wu said coldly: “Miss Meng is really clever.”


After he spoke, he took out two concert tickets that had been torn apart and threw them at Meng Chu. He said, “Who doesn’t know that it’s hard hard to get a ticket for your concert. These two are seats on the middle first row. You gave them to President Chen. Do you want him to appreciate your appearance on the stage? Do you want to sing in front of President Chen at your concert?”


Yesterday, He Xiu found Chen Jinfeng’s concert tickets in the hotel and quarreled with him. She the tore the tickets after they quarreled.


The people around them pointed and whispered.


Meng Chu laughed: “I am exclusively sponsoring my concert. The tickets for the first row have been reserved and given away. I will release the ticket for the other seats at a later time. I really don’t know which scalper did Chen Jinfeng sought out to get the tickets.”


She stepped forward and leaned over: “Miss He, you are at a disadvantage.”


Meng Chu stretched out her hand and slapped He Xiu. Agent Wu uttered a sound and Meng Chu slapped him too.


Meng Chu’s voice was cold: “You say rubbish in front of my company’s doors? Get lost. If you don’t, I will slap you a dozen more times.”


The employees who were still standing and introducing the products shivered.


Meng Chu: “Continue. There are still products that needs to be advertised. If the advertising fees are given, you will get a bonus.”


When she finished speaking, she looked at Vice President Tang, who was still eating the bread: “Look at the concert tickets again. Take the evidence and tell everyone that the two tickets are fake.”


Vice President Tang: “Okay.”


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