The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 7

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 7 – Work hard (1)


Chen Jinfeng received a reminder of consumption. His first reaction was that Meng Chu’s bank card was lost. It was not Meng Chu who swiped the card. After all, Meng Chu never used his card. Not to mention, even if she wants to something, she will not consume so much money.


Without waiting for Chen Jinfeng to speak, Meng Chu took the mobile phone and said: “Jinfeng, do you dislike me for spending less? It doesn’t matter, I will work hard to spend money.”


Chen Jinfeng can imagine Meng Chu’s soft appearance now even through the phone. The corner of her eyes might have been red. But what Meng Chu said this time, how could he feel that he didn’t understand what she said.


Meng Chu said in a low voice: “I don’t know. Being your fiance and not spending more money will make you ashamed and feel that you can’t even support your own woman. I like you so much. I did not want to spend money because I wanted to avoid gossips.”


Chen Jinfeng dropped a casual sentence and hung up the phone.


Meng Chu was so sad: “It must be that I don’t have enough credit cards.”


She hugged Li Meng and leaned on Li Meng’s shoulders: “Meng Meng, I can’t do anything well, even swiping his card.


“Can’t do it well.” Li Meng patted Meng Chu’s shoulder, “It’s okay, it’s okay. Chen Jinfeng will realize that you are great.”


Meng Mang, who witnessed the whole process, took the earrings she bought, and did not even say goodbye and just went back.


In order to show everyone how much she loves Chen Jinfeng, Meng Chu swiped his card in the mall all morning, and her feet hurt when she walked around, so she returned to the apartment.


Lying on the sofa, Meng Chu drank water comfortably.


The system: “Host, please prepare for the next plot!”


In the next plot, after the heroine returned to China and made a stunning appearance, Meng Chu went to Chen Jinfeng to express her thoughts on him sincerely, and Chen Jinfeng replied with the single sentence ‘I know’.


Meng Chu felt that she could swipe Chen Jinfeng’s card a few times to comfort herself.


The days went by fast. After two days…


The news of the heroine’s return has reached its peak. Her photos at the airport were also posted on Weibo. The headline of the hot search is #We are waiting for your return#. Originally, many fans of the heroine became her fans mainly because she was beautiful. Now that they saw that the heroine appearance is still the same, they are even more excited.


Meng Chu also took a look at the photo of the heroine at the airport. She was very gorgeous and not vulgar. They were very opposite.


According to the original plot, Meng Chu wore a blue dress that fits her personality, looking like a flower swaying in the wind. After admiring herself for a few seconds, she set off to the Chen family’s villa.


Today is the weekend, Mrs. Chen asked someone to play cards at home, and Chen Jinfeng rarely rested at home. Meng Chu and Madam Chen greeted them quickly, and cautiously went upstairs to look for Chen Jinfeng.


Someone who played cards together knew something about Chen Jinfeng’s affair and asked Mrs. Chen: “He Xiu has returned, what is your son’s attitude?”


Madam Chen: “What kind of attitude can he have. He has a good relationship with his fiance.” She didn’t mention a word, if she said Chen Jinfeng’s true attitude, they will regard her son as a joke during dinner


Standing at the door of Chen Jinfeng’s bedroom, Meng Chu knocked on the door and heard Chen Jinfeng. Shen then held the doorknob and pushed the door in. She looked at Chen Jinfeng who was resting in the room and timidly spoke: “Jinfeng.”


When she walked in, Meng Chu directly brought up the topic: “Jinfeng, the moment you said you wanted me to be your fiance, I regarded myself as your person…”


Speaking of which, Meng Chu was stuck.


She forgot the words!


The system reminded Meng Chu, and then Meng Chu continued to say without any disturbance in her heart: “I don’t know what I will do if you want to dissolve the engagement. Jinfeng, can you not like her anymore? I will work hard, do your fiance’s role properly, and I will also do my best as your wife in the future.”


Chen Jinfeng looked away from Meng Chu’s gaze: “I know.”


She was silent for a while in Chen Jinfeng’s room, and she finished the performance of the female character. After the plot, Meng Chu turned around, but Chen Jinfeng stopped her.


Chen Jinfeng lowered his eyebrows: “After some time, let’s prepare for the wedding.”


It was her acting hat made Chen Jinfeng feel sorry for her, so he was willing to get married? This won’t work, she can’t agree, she can’t marry Chen Jinfeng.


Chen Jinfeng said: “I can’t forget her, but I can marry you.”


Meng Chu walked towards Chen Jinfeng and stepped directly on Chen Jinfeng’s feet. When Chen Jinfeng yelled out, Meng Chu still held it down. Her shoulders swayed: “No, Jinfeng, I can’t let our marriage be without love. It must be because I did not do well. I must let you fall in love with me. I won’t marry you before that!”


Chen Jinfeng gritted his teeth: “You get out first.”


At the beginning Meng continued shaking her head:” Jinfeng, I’ll make you love me! ”


Chen Jinfeng:”Meng Chu, go out first.”


After leaving Chen Jinfeng’s room, Meng Chu felt refreshed.


System: “You set up…”


Meng Chu: “It’s all for the plot. The original text did not say that she was willing to give up his love to He Xiu and marry me. Fortunately, I was witty, or the plot would have collapsed.”


System: “…”


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