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The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 70

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 70 – The strongest advertisement! (2)


Meng Chu wanted to go back. When she thought of something, she smiled: “Miss He, you said it just now. If you want to come over and sincerely apologize to me, you can do it now.”


She pushed Meng Chu away, turned around, and ran. Agent Wu also wanted to run but Vice President Tang stopped him.


Vice President Tang: “Why are you running? Clean the mess up quickly!”


— Hahahahaha


— I never expected that a face-slapping scene would be accompanied by an advertisement, hahahaha


— That fragrant bun looks delicious, and Vice President Tang has also eaten several of them


— Vice President Tang, the strongest advertisement, and the best foodie!


— I think Meng Chu was right. He Xiu brought the live broadcast equipment directly and brought over reporters to find over.


— Yes, it should be. What is going on with the two tickets. Why does Chen Jinfeng has those concert tickets, although what he had was fake. I wanted to laugh, but why does he have them? Can it be that he likes to listen to Meng Chu’s song? Does he care about their relationship?


— Hahaha. I want to hear the live concert, a concert that made the former fiance and current fiance to quarrel!


The matter between Chen Jinfeng and He Xiu was still popular on the internet, but Meng Chu had whitewashed herself and no one was conspiring.


This incident ignited the popularity of Meng Chu’s concert again, but everyone still bought tickets.


Agent Wu and He Xiu planned the conspiracy, but who would have thought that the ticket that Chen Jinfeng got was fake?!


Agent Wu: “It’s okay, you can go to Mr. Chen and let him explain things clearly. You will start a live broadcast to apologize to Meng Chu.”


“Why should I apologize to Meng Chu? Chen Jinfeng has always liked me. If I didn’t go abroad, he will not even look at her! I hate her. She robbed me of the position of Chen Jinfeng’s fiance.”


Agent Wu comforted He Xiu: “It’s all Meng Chu’s fault at the beginning, but now you have to let Mr. Chen explain.”


He Xiu: “Don’t worry, he has the money. He will explain it. He will contact you to get to me.


After waiting for more than an hour, Chen Jinfeng still did not contact Agent Wu. Agent Wu was a little worried.


If He Xiu continues to maintain the current relationship with Chen Jinfeng, wouldn’t she be mocked by the whole industry?


Agent Wu: “Don’t you want to be soft?”


He Xiu felt ridiculous after hearing this: “I will be soft with him. If I didn’t, why would I return to China to be with him?”


If she wants to be soft, she will continue to chase the man she likes.


Because they advertised a few products, many brands gave Meng Chu some products from the S company, and Meng Chu took those products to Lu Gaofei and Lu Jingan.


In the bar, Lu Gaofei repeatedly watched the today’s live broadcast, and instantly felt that the dark circles under his eyes were coming out.


Meng Chu smiled: “Are you like Li Meng? Staying up late and waiting for melons later?”


Lu Gaifei: “I… I can’t be like her. She is almost living in the melon field. I really admire how she could participate in various cocktail parties everyday and still have enough energy to participate in celebrity gatherings, just to have netter melons to eat.”


Meng Chu: “…”


Chen Jinfeng contacted Meng Chu through someone else’s phone since his number was still in Meng Chu’s block list.


Chen Jinfeng spoke with difficulty: “Let me see you.”


Meng Chu: “Okay.” After she finished speaking, she reported the address of Lu Gaofei’s bar.


Soon, Lu Jingan came over.


Lu Gaofei took several self-heating small hot pot, and took a lot of buns and fruit drinks, as well as a rice cooker, and gave them to Lu Jingan. He also helped Lu


Jingan organize his things.


He was really good with Lu Jingan because he originally thought that he was ordinary and took special care of Lu Jingan. He also gave most of the things that Meng Chu brought over.


Lu Jingan sat opposite Meng Chu: “Miss Meng, I will come to you tomorrow to give you fruit from the orchard.”


Lu Jingan’s own orchard will naturally be taken care of, so the orchard fruits are sweeter than the ones on the market, especially the cherries.


Lu Jingan had many thoughts. The love of his parents began when they first met. And now he and Meng Chu is representing smooth development and further progress.


He thought seriously, Meng Chu called him several times and he responded.


Meng Chu: “Chen Jinfeng is here, you have to go back first.”


Lu Jingan looked out of the window and saw the man walking into the bar. He pursed his lips and stood up: “Miss Meng, I will be here. I will stay outside. If you need anything, you can call me.” He then nodded slightly at Meng Chu, and went out.


Lu Jingan squinted at the man outside. He was richer and more good-looking than that person.


At the entrance of the bar, the two met on the narrow road.


It was Chen Jinfeng who spoke: “Are you chasing her, or are you her male friend?”


The author has something to say:
Lu Jingan: Yes I am her boyfriend!


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