The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 71

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 71 – I’m her future husband (1)


Lu Jingan is taller than Chen Jinfeng. Facing Chen Jinfeng, he still looked amazing even if he was dressed in cheaper clothes. He replied: “I’m not her boyfriend, but I want to marry her.”


This answer made Chen Jinfeng stunned. Thinking about it, he always felt that there was something wrong. In the past, Meng Chu always chased after him, and he later planned to marry Meng Chu. But now, there are other men who is telling him that he will be the one to marry Meng Chu.


Walking past Chen Jinfeng, Lu Jingan deliberately lowered his voice: “If you bully her, you will answer to me.” He glared at him.


Chen Jinfeng asked, “Who are you?”


With a smile, Lu Jingan did not answer. He took a cigarette and stood outside the bar. He also chose a place where he could see Meng Chu.


After Chen Jinfeng entered the bar, he looked around, and then found Meng Chu who was drinking her a certain drink.


Sitting face to face with Meng Chu, Chen Jinfeng explained: “I asked my assistant to buy the tickets. I did not expect to get fake tickets.”


Meng Chu: “Do I need to call He Xiu for you?”


Chen Jinfeng: “He Xiu saw the ticket bought by my assistant and quarreled with me. I did not expect her to react this way.” When he finished speaking, he stood up: “I came here to apologize to you on her behalf, please do not mind her.”


Meng Chu’s current character, Chen Jinfeng already knows well. If Meng Chu targets He Xiu, there will always be a way.


Meng Chu: “If you really want to apologize, it’s better to get married.”


“Go and marry He Xiu.”


Meng Chu did not seem to be joking, and even gave suggestions: “You know that there are other people who likes her. If she decided to look at another man, she would not continue to be with you. So quickly find a way for her to marry you!”


Chen Jinfeng wanted to see her expression, her emotion. But he did not know how to answer. Meng Chu, he did not have any sense of familiarity anymore.


Meng Chu took a sip of the drink that Lu Gaofei prepared for her, and she continued to say: “Come on!”


Chen Jinfeng sternly said: “Meng Chu, I am here to apologize to sincerely apologize to you.”


Meng Chu said back: “Mr. Chen, do you think I’m not taking it seriously? If you want to apologize, then quickly marry her. If it weren’t for our past relationship, you’ behave affectionately with He Xiu in front of me. You’re really cheap.”


Because Chen Jinfeng hadn’t spoken, Meng Chu smiled and said: “Why are you still standing here?”


When Chen Jinfeng went back, he gave Lu Jingan a glance, and Lu Jingan directly turned and went back to the bar.


Soon, Chen Jinfeng made an explanation on the internet. He wrote about the whole story on Weibo. All throughout the post, he did not step on Meng Chu. It was a post with no other intention but a clear explanation.


After the Weibo post, the CP fans were not particularly noisy. In other words, after making a ruckus, everyone’s impression of He Xiu changed. Some even suggested that He Xiu did not know the truth abut Chen Jinfeng’s gains and losses, and believed in Chen Jinfeng.


He Xiu saw the news on the internet and did not intend to explain to Chen Jinfeng, but received a call from the person in charge of an endorsement.


“Ms. He, we have said before we signed the contract that during the contract period, you have to maintain your relationship with Mr. Chen as a good couple, otherwise there will be a breach of contract. And during this period, you will not cause any negative impact on our brand, otherwise we will terminate the contract with you.” Said the person in charge.


He Xiu received other calls, all of which had the same content.


It is not easy for He Xiu to receive endorsements now, it was only won because of her and Chen Jinfeng’s sweetness in front of the public. She really can’t lose endorsement now.


Soon, He Xiu reposted Chen Jinfeng’s Weibo post with a pitiful emoji. The smile on her face was almost like a flower.


Li Meng ran in, and she came with a new melon: “Chen Jinfeng will bring He Xiu to your concert. They are crazy.”


Meng Chu: “He Xiu will also come to the concert?”


Li Meng: “Yes. He Xiu is probably coming because she is afraid of you being on stage, you’re too attractive.”


After thinking about it, Meng Chu smiled: “Chen Jinfeng is so fake. If he is smarter, if he wants to continue cooperating, he won’t bring He Xiu. Maybe he won’t come.”


After a while, Li Meng gave Meng Chu a thumbs up. She got news that neither Chen Jinfeng nor He Xiu would come.


Soon, the audience started to enter.


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