The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 72

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 72 – I’m her future husband (2)

The people sitting on the first row were basically people whom Meng Chu knew. Lu Gaofei was sitting in the middle, and Lu Jingan was sitting next to Lu Gaofei. They were all holding light sticks and support cards.

Lu Gaofei was excited: “Since I took Meng Chu under my care, I wanted her to have a concert but she never did it. I thought that even if she held a concert in the future, she would hold a concert with a mask.”

Lu Jingan watched Lu Gaofei: “She will definitely have more concerts in the future.”

Lu Gaofei: “Yes, there will be concerts, and even concert tours!” After a while, Lu Gaofei said: “Are you staring at my seat?”

Lu Jingan smiled and did not say a word, and just continued to look at the stage.

Thinking of this, Lu Gaofei asked: “You have a good appearance. If you make your debut, you will be able to use your face.”

Lu Jingan: “I just want to live a normal life.”

Lu Gaofei saw through it and did not say more. Look at the conditions mentioned by Meng Chu that forced someone to delay a promotion to the peak of life.

“You can’t just stay ordinary. A woman’s mind is complex. She might like the type of bossy president. How would you be able to do it? You can’t just ride a horse and catch up to it.”

Lu Jingan’s smile deepened: “Thank you for reminding me.”

Lu Gaofei: “If your company allows you to be promoted, it would take a lot of hard work. Besides, for people like Meng Chu, even if you get promoted to several positions, you will still just be an ordinary person.”

Soon, the lights of the concert dimmed, and Meng Chu stood on the stage. She looked at the green sea (her fandom light stick color is green), as well as her friends and company employee in the first row, and showed a smile.

Meng Chu introduced herself: “Hello everyone, I am Meng Chu and Jiang Chu.”

The audience was screaming. Soon, Meng Chu’s clean voice rang, and the audience became quiet. When the chorus came and Meng Chu started dancing, the screams of the audience became louder.

Lu Gaofei was moved, he followed along and screamed, and he did not forget to make Lu Jingan shake the light stick.

Lu Gaofei: “Chuchu!”

Lu Jingan met Meng Chu’s gaze and smiled. Meng Chu blinked at him. Lu Jingan felt his heart beating faster, and his eyes were all on Meng Chu.

She winked at him?!

Was she suggesting something, or did she just wink at the audience?

Soon, Le Tian went on the stage to sing with Meng Chu. After the chorus, Meng Chu handed the stage to Le Tian to change her clothes and take a water break.

Teacher Zhou praised Meng Chu: “You were so pretty when you winked, and you looked better than when you were rehearsing!”

Meng Chu laughed: “How does it compare to the rehearsal?”

Teacher Zhou: “The actions are better than when you were rehearsing. Your performance was great!”

When Meng Chu finished singing at the concert, she looked at Lu Gaofei’s position and said, “Thank you.”

Lu Gaofei: “Ah, ah, ah, Chuchu is thanking me!!!”

After the concert, Meng Chu originally invited everyone to eat, but everyone knew how exhausted she was. So she arranged the dinner for the next day, and then asked Lu Gaofei to send her home.

That night, Lu Jingan couldn’t sleep.

Lu Jingan found a photo of Meng Chu winking on the internet and set it as his home screen. He looked at the phone with a bright smile. He couldn’t help but call Assistant Li.

Lu Jingan: “Assistant Li, do you think she winked at me?”

Assistant Li: “Miss Meng, Miss Meng is suggesting for you to continue working hard! Miss Meng has been moved with your sincerity, and she has begun to change her mind about getting married after ten years!”

Assistant Li felt that he can be a good screenwriter!

The author has something to say:
Lu Jingan’s diary: Ah, ah, ah, she winked at me!!!

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