The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 73

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 73 – I also like it (1)

On the second day of the concert, a brand owner went to find Lu Gaofei and wanted to cooperate with Meng Chu. After asking about Meng Chu, Lu Gaofei refused them all.

Lu Gaofei seemed distressed, but when he thinks about Meng Chu’s current situation, it is really not bad to sing alone. It is a pity that Lu Gaofei feels that there is a high luxury cosmetic brand that wants to work with Meng Chu.

The singer in the bar was playing and singing on stage. Meng Chu and Li Meng sat at the bar as Meng Chu watched Lu Gaofei mix the drinks while Li Meng stared at her phone closely.

Lu Gaofei: “The day after tomorrow, there will be a meteor shower. Let’s go see the meteor shower together.”

Meng Chu nodded: “Okay.”

After waiting for a long time, Li Meng was still staring at her phone without speaking. Lu Gaofei couldn’t help it anymore, he asked: “What are you looking at?”

Li Meng: “Forums. The host said that there will be a news about the concert. I have been staring at it for more than half an hour but the host hasn’t made a news yet.”

“Meng Chu, isn’t she right next to you?”

“I know but she doesn’t know it herself.”


Meng Chu is not used to Li Meng’s personality since the start of the entertainment company. Her desire for gossip became stronger and stronger. Meng Chu felt that it would be a pity that she did not open an entertainment newspaper.

Lu Gaofei said to Meng Chu: “Ask the others if they want to come.”

Meng Chu took out her mobile phone and sent a message to the group chat. Because of the fast action, both Lu Gaofei and Li Meng’s phone rang.

After sending it out, Meng Chu continued to watch Lu Gaofei mix the drinks. She wanted to learn before, but she was helplessly busy acting with the Chen family everyday. Now that she is free, she is able to do it.

In Lu Jingan’s office…

Lu Jingan, who received the message, suddenly stood up from his desk. This made the senior management officer who was reporting break out into a cold sweat, and thought that he said something wrong.

Regardless of Lu Jingan’s young age, he was brought up by Chairman Lu. He spent his vacations in Chairman Lu’s office when he was a child. Later on, he went abroad to explore the overseas market on his own. After his success, he returned to China to take over the entire Lu Group. He also tidied up the senior executives of the entire company.

Lu Jingan sat down: “I know. You can go now.”

When assistant Li came, Lu Jingan said: “Help me customize a ring.”

Assistant Li: “Ring?”

He blinked, at first glance, why buy a ring? If he is rejected, will their boss blame him for not analyzing the situation? He can’t be unemployed. Even though being Lu Jingan’s assistant is tiring, the pay is good and he planned to work until retirement.

Lu Jingan described the appearance of the ring, frowning when he spoke, and the following words came to an abrupt end. He forgot, he can’t buy expensive ones!

Assistant Li: “President Lu, I think…”

Lu Jingan: “Let’s go out.”

Sitting at the desk outside Lu Jingan’s office, Assistant Li was holding his forehead with his palm, feeling a little lonely. He came over to find out that Lu Jingan is in a bad mood.

He said several times that he was going to get married soon.

Assistant Li: “…”

Holding his mobile phone, Lu Jingan deleted, and typed many words, and the last one was when he pressed the wrong button and sent it out…

[Meng Chu: Do you want to watch the meteor shower and make a wish?]

Lu Jingan: I am a Gemini.]

[Meng Chu: It doesn’t matter. It would be a good time for a Gemini to watch it together.]

[Lu Jingan: I didn’t mean that.]

[Meng Chu: It doesn’t matter.]

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