The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 8

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 8 – Work hard (2)


Meng Chu didn’t go back. She went to the kitchen to help with cooking. This time she cooked everything that Mrs. Chen liked, and she also made a lot of things that Chen Jinfeng liked. While she was cooking, the servants of the Chen family were looking at her with pitiful eyes.


One of the servants who used to help Meng Chu didn’t hold back and said: “Miss Meng, with our young master, don’t be too impatient.” She blushed when she spoke: “You are the young master’s fiancée. It is necessary to rely on a child to take the upper position.”


At this time, the Meng family was saying that Meng Chu went to Chen Jinfeng’s room and wanted the overlord to put down his bow, so she was driven out.


Meng Chu: “I didn’t think about relying on a child to take the lead.”


The servant smiled and said nothing.


Because of this episode, Mrs. Chen looked at Meng Chu at noon when she was eating, especially when Chen Jinfeng said that he would not come down to eat, so that the servant could bring him the food to the room.


Mrs. Chen: “Chu Chu, I am still very satisfied with you being my future daughter-in-law.” Meng Chu was really blushing this time. After eating at the Chen’s house, Meng Chu did not continue to help with anything in the Chen’s house and just went back.


After dinner, Mrs. Chen went upstairs to find Chen Jinfeng.


At the beginning, Chen Jinfeng was really crazy for He Xiu. Later, He Xiu wanted to go abroad for that man, and Chen Jinfeng got engaged with Meng Chu in anger.


But Chen Jinfeng hadn’t forgotten He Xiu all these years. When the news of He Xiu’s return reached him, Chen Jinfeng had a night of wine by himself, and the meeting was postponed the next day.


Mrs. Chen said: “Don’t let people see you as a joke.”


Li Meng is the person in charge of a subsidiary of the Li family. She has no business talents. Even if she goes to hold a meeting every day, the Li family does not expect her to do anything. To give her a position at the company is to let her have a good resume.


Li Meng knew that He Xiu had returned to China today, and had been sending messages to Meng Chu this morning. If Meng Chu was not going to the Chen’s house, she would have gone to Meng Chu. So when Meng Chu left the Chen’s house, she ran to find out Li Meng.


Meng Chu likes to play with Li Meng very much, but in front of Li Meng, she has to be gentle about Chen Jinfeng’s character, which is a bit tiring.


When she got downstairs at Li Meng’s company, Meng Chu saw a luxury car. She didn’t know the limited edition, but she knew a few brands, and Meng Chu happened to know this car.


Some time ago, Meng Guang wanted to buy this car, but the Meng family was born as a nouveau riche, and they have been squeezed into the wealthy circle over the years, but they are not as good as them. They can’t buy a limited edition luxury car casually. There was not enough money, so the Meng family refused Meng Guang’s request.


The door opened and the man driving got out of the car. Meng Chu was stunned after seeing his appearance clearly. Isn’t this the ‘best in the world’?

Lu Jingan also noticed Meng Chu, and the two looked at each other.


Lu Jingan pulled on his tie. Just when Meng Chu was about to ignore him, Lu Jingan chased her. He calmly said, “I came to work as a part-time driver to a shareholder boss of the Lu Group. What are you doing here?”


Sure enough, the ‘best in the world’!


Working as a programmer in the Lu Group and also working as a part-time driver for the shareholders of the Lu Group, he is really working hard. If it is him, Meng Chu feels that need to get married. This kind of person is really suitable for being a husband.


Meng Chu looked at the surrounding high-rise buildings: “I’m here to work, and a company is looking for a part-time translator.”


If she lets Lu Jingan know that she is from a family with a good background, then her request for a blind date will be a bit strange, and it will make Lu Jingan more alienated to her. So just like Lu Jingan, it’s better to say that she is here to work.






The two spoke almost at the same time. Meng Chu smiled before continuing: “You seem busy.”


Lu Jingan: “What is your phone number?”


Meng Chu just wanted to answer when she saw the watch Lu Jingan was wearing. Although Meng Chu is not someone who can identify luxury goods, she knows when it is fake or not.


Lu Jingan tried his best to hide his million-worth watch, his face remained unchanged: “It belongs to the shareholder. I tried it on and forgot to take it down.”


Meng Chu nodded, and she gave Lu Jingan her number and aid seriously: “If you agree with what I said before, just call me.”


The author has something to say:
Lu Jingan: She must have not forgotten me!

Meng Chu: ? ? ?


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