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The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 9

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 9 – Let’s cancel the engagement (1)


When Meng Chu and Li Meng were having dinner together, they received a call from Mrs. Chen. Mrs. Chen rarely contacted Meng Chu actively. Whenever Meng Chu was needed, she directly asked her maid to call Meng Chu.


Mrs. Chen: “There is an event tonight. You will go with Jinfeng.”


Hearing Mrs. Chen’s words, Meng Chu’s tone was cautiously suppressing her surprise: “Okay, thank you auntie.”


There is no such thing in the original plot. For the plot, Meng Chu also asked the system to confirm that there was no such plot.


Li Meng, who was sitting across from Meng Chu, asked, “What’s the matter?”


Meng Chu replied, “It’s Aunt Chen. She called me and asked me to accompany Jinfeng to an event today. I…I haven’t participated in a cocktail party with Jinfeng before.”


Meng Chu didn’t know that her role as a female side character was so successful. Now everyone is discussing Meng Chu’s affairs after tea and dinner. They feel that Meng Chu’s heart is wrong, and Chen Jinfeng will be with her. To dissolve the engagement, she also said that she would use the drag word tactic, but the thin arms can’t twist the thighs, the engagement must be dissolved, it is only a question of when.


Some of these remarks were unfavorable to Chen Jinfeng. That’s why Meng Chu was able to accompany Chen Jinfeng to the cocktail party, to shut those people’s remarks.


Li Meng, who knew what Mrs. Chen’s motive was, could only say, “I’ll accompany you.”


Meng Chu: “No, I can solve it by myself.”


In the afternoon, Meng Chu went to the styling studio.


The staff was very sorry and said to Meng Chu: “Ms. Meng, I’m really sorry, the stylist you use often has been selected, let’s change a stylist for you.”


That stylist is what Meng Chu uses because he is amazing in making her look pitiful.


Seeing that Meng Chu was reluctant, the staff member quickly said, “Why don’t you wait a minute, He Xiu’s styling is almost finished.”


Meng Chu raised her eyes: “He Xiu?”


Staff: “Yes, He Xiu, she came here and hand-picked your stylist.”


The vicious female side character must have a plot, targeting, bullying, and suppressing the female lead!


A lot of this part of the plot is omitted from the original text, and only one sentence is described, which requires Meng Chu’s freedom.


Taking out her bank card, Meng Chu smiled and said, “I will buy the studio. Let the stylist come over immediately.”


The staff: “???”


“This, we need to contact our boss.”


“You ask, I’ll double the price if he doesn’t want to sell it.”


“Okay, you can wait fro a moment.”


A few minutes later, Meng Chu went to her special dressing room.


Her stylist couldn’t hold down the corners of his mouth and smiled: “Miss Meng, you bought a styling studio, and my reputation in the industry is about to take off.”


Meng Chu smiled, “You did He Xiu’s styling?”


The stylist replied quickly, “She said she was going to attend a press conference.” After the answer was over, he asked, “Miss Meng, the old rules?”


“Old rules.”


“I don’t know why you like that kind of look. I want to dress you up beautifully. When I finished styling you for the first time, I was shocked. Now, although I have styled you for a while, you’re still beautiful but without the bright and amazing feel.”


The first look the stylist made for Meng Chu was a combination of clean and glamorous. It was obviously two styles, but not to mention the strange fusion, it also gave people a dazzling and unforgettable feeling.


There was a knock on the door outside the room.


Meng Chu’s stylist went to open the door. He saw the man standing outside and said, “It’s you, Manager Wu, why did you come here?”


He Xiu’s manager looked a little ugly. He said, “Miss Meng, does Mr. Chen know you did this?”


Meng Chu: “The studio does not accept He Xiu and his agent. Call the security guard.”


Manager Wu sneered: “Do you think you can make President Chen like you by doing this?”


This manager has no shortage of scene in the original text. Trying to still match He Xiu and Chen Jinfeng after she and Chen Jinfeng were engaged.


Meng Chu didn’t bother arguing with the manager. After the security came over, he directly held down the manager and pushed him out.


Manager Wu: “Meng Chu, in this case, I can only go to Mr. Chen! Who is Mr. Chen likes in his heart, you know it!”


Meng Chu: “Continue with the styling.”


Ruining someone’s engagement, the person was still confident and unmoved.


The stylist even forgot to speak, “Good, good.”


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