The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 101

T/L: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Spirit Song and Lie

Yu Duo calmed herself down and acted as if nothing had happened. She closed the door and took out the things in the plastic bag one by one in front of Fu Sinian. “I’ve bought you some anti-inflammatory drugs and gauze suggested by the staff of the pharmacy.”


Fu Sinian glanced at it and leaned back tiredly. He closed his eyes once again to rest.


Yu Duo’s hand involuntarily gripped the bag beside her body. She finally let out a long sigh of relief after seeing Fu Sinian rest.


Fortunately, they arrived at Fu’s Mansion soon. Yu Duo couldn’t wait to get off the car. Fu Sinian entered the mansion with the help of the driver Xiao Zhang and Aunt Lian had already prepared soup for him.


When Fu Sinian finished drinking the soup, he was assisted to go upstairs and even Aunt Lian arranged a hot bath for Fu Sinian.


Tonight, Fu Sinian drank a lot of wine despites his wounds still hasn’t healed. Yu Duo was very worried about his body’s condition. She took out the medicine and gauzes, and asked him to take off his clothes.


Fu Sinian lay on the sofa, rubbing his eyebrows.


He drank a lot of wine tonight and his head hurt like hell. He was in a bad condition. He just wanted to have a good sleep.


Seeing Fu Sinian’ tired face, Yu Duo stood behind the sofa and massaged his temples for him. She didn’t apply too much strength. It was just right.


Fu Sinian opened his eyes and held her slender wrist. “Don’t worry. I’ll be fine after sleeping.”


“Sleep? How can you do that?” Aunt Lian came out of the bathroom, holding a towel and a pair of pajamas in her hand. Her expression was full of disapproval. “Sir, you should take a bath first to remove the alcohol stench. Otherwise, how can your wife sleep tonight?”


Fu Sinian couldn’t help but to laugh and got up, “OK, I’ll go and take a bath.”


Yu Duo hurriedly said: “Your wounds are not healed, don’t touch water.”


“What? There are wounds?” As soon as Aunt Lian heard that Fu Sinian was wounded, she became worried and began to nag, “Sir, why do you drink so much wine when you are wounded? You neither told me nor saw a doctor these two days. I’ll have a doctor come home tomorrow and perform a check up on you. Just wipe yourself. Don’t touch the water.”


Yu Duo listened to Aunt Lian’s naggings and laughed calmly. She took her bag and went to the closet. After changing her dress, she put on a casual and comfortable home wear. She hid the pregnancy test stick in her sleeve and went to the bathroom on the first floor.


She closed the door and locked it.


She took out the pregnancy test stick with a heavy heart. Whether she was pregnant or simply had a bad stomach, she would finally know.


Five minutes later, Yu Duo stared at the two red lines on the pregnancy test stick with a blank expression.


She was… pregnant?


Was she really pregnant?!


Yu Duo lifted her coat and looked at her flat belly. Then she looked at herself in the mirror placed in the bathroom. She didn’t look like a pregnant person!


If this was Fu Sinian’s child, it would be at least three months into pregnancy. Would her stomach be so flat after three months?


She searched for pictures of a three-month-pregnant woman’s belly on Baidu and looked back and forth several times.


Although the pregnant mother’s belly bump in the photo was not big, it was clearly obvious that she was pregnant. Which pregnant woman had a flat stomach like her? She didn’t look pregnant at all. She looked as if she had eaten too much recently and became slightly fatter.




‘Something isn’t right.’

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