The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 102

T/L: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Spirit Song and Lie

Yu Duo suddenly remembered that after a month of Fu Sinian’s disappearance, her menstrual period came on time. That time, Aunt Lian gave her medicine for it.


So, she was not pregnant during that month.


Then where did the baby in her stomach come from?!




Completely impossible!


Yu Duo threw away the pregnancy test stick.


There must be something wrong with this pregnancy test stick!


Yes, the test result must be inaccurate.


The accuracy of a regular pregnancy test stick was about 85% to 95%. What if she was one of 15% to 5%?


‘Are you kidding me.’ Although she had met many men in these two months, she had never done anything out of line. How could she get pregnant?


There must be a gastrointestinal problem.


She had to go to the hospital tomorrow for a checkup.


The more Yu Duo thought about it, the more she felt that she had a problem with her stomach. This month’s menstrual period hadn’t come. It was most likely caused by Qiao Jiao’s will. She was nervous and having insomnia, resulting in a disorder of the menstrual period. Moreover, she was also tired because of Fu Sinian’s return. She was always thinking of ways to deal with him all day long, how could she not be tired?


‘That’s right. It’s all caused by an upset stomach and a disorder in the menstrual period. What’s wrong with you? Why are you thinking of being pregnant and scaring yourself?’


After thinking about it, Yu Duo felt refreshed and returned to her room to rest.


Fu Sinian was about to go to bed and rest. Yu Duo saw him and her originally bad mood suddenly disappeared. She walked into the bathroom, looked at her fat belly, and frowned. She made up her mind to lose weight seriously after returning from the hospital tomorrow.


After taking a bath, Yu Duo got into the bed carefully. Unexpectedly, Fu Sinian hadn’t slept yet. As usual, he reached out and hugged her.


The hand happened to cover Yu Duo’s belly.


She, who never wronged others, did not fear the knock in the night.


(T/N: “One who never wronged others did not fear the knock in the night” means to rest with a clear conscience.)


However, Yu Duo felt somewhat worried in her heart. Fu Sinian had just placed his hand on her belly which made her inexplicably guilty.


Feeling the tensed muscles of Yu Duo, Fu Sinian opened his eyes, “What’s the matter?”


Yu Duo’s heart fluttered. She ‘calmly’ covered herself with a quilt and said in a muffled voice: “It’s fine.”


“Are you really fine?”


“I am really fine. What happened?”


Fu Shinian stared at Yu Duo who deliberately avoided his gaze. His hand moved to her soft belly which seemed to be softer than before. “It seems to be a little meaty.”


Yu Duo panicked and grabbed the quilt nervously. “I… I will start losing weight tomorrow!”


“No, it’s fine.”


“… Oh. “


Hearing the sound of Fu Sinian’s calm breathing, Yu Duo stealthily took his hand away from her waist.


It was better to go to the hospital as soon as possible to see what was the problem.


However, no matter what the problem was, it was absolutely impossible to be pregnant!


Yu Duo thought to herself.




The next day, it was already bright outside the window. She had slept until 9:30.


In the morning, Aunt Lian would not rush into the master bedroom and tell Yu Duo to get up without Fu Sinian’s permission. When Yu Duo went downstairs, she heard Aunt Lian nag.


Of course, it was Fu Sinian who was getting nagged.

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