The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 103

T/L: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Spirit Song and Lie

Yu Duo used to wake up early in the morning, but since Fu Sinian returned, she woke up later and later. Aunt Lian had reason to believe that Fu Sinian made Yu Duo tired.


“It’s not good for your health to get up late without breakfast…”


Yu Duo listened absentmindedly and waited for Aunt’s nagging to end. She finally said with a smile, “Aunt Lian, please help me prepare the car. I will go to the hospital.”


“Hospital? What’s the matter? What’s wrong with your body? Are you not feeling good?”


“I’m just going to check my stomach. Didn’t I vomit some time ago?”


After listening to this, Aunt Lian said: “Then you don’t need to go anymore. I will ask the doctor to come and check you alongside sir.”


“…” Yu Duo tried hard to squeeze out a smile, “I also want to have a physical examination and hospitals have more advanced equipments.”


“I have time. I’ll go with you.” Fu Sinian came down from the upstairs, dressed neatly, and went straight to Yu Duo.




The freshly prepared bread in Yu Duo’s hand fell on the ground.


“Ah Chi, prepare to drive.”


Yu Duo lost her grip on the bread, and it fell on the dining plate.


On the way to the hospital, Yu Duo was unable to sit still.


Although the probability of her being pregnant was very low, there were many bizarre things in this world. If she was really pregnant… how could she explain it?


“Elder brother, Qiao Jiao has sought for a lawyer several times but there is no movement from Qin Shao. I wonder if Qin Shao has given up Qiao Jiao.”


“That’s normal.” Fu Shinian did not shy away in front of Yu Duo and said, “Qin Shao will not waste time on a useless tool.”


“By the way, Qiao Jiao said that she would like to meet you.”


Fu Sinian crossed his hands. His face was gloomy and his eyes were ice cold. He said, “Ah Chi, you should know that what I hate the most is betrayal. You deal with Qiao Jiao’s affairs and don’t report to me about her anymore. The police will deal with her and save us from the trouble.”




Fu Sinian put his hand around Yu Duo. “Why are you trembling? Cold?”


Yu Duo bit her lip and leaned against Fu Sinian’s shoulder, “Well, it’s a little cold.”


“Ah Chi, the air conditioning is turned on too cold. Turn it lower.”


Soon, they arrived at the hospital.


Yu Duo told Fu Sinian that she was worried about him and had him go through a physical examination first. Countless thoughts passed through her mind to make Fu Sinian leave but nothing worked out.


After the doctor inspected Fu Sinian, Yu Duo had no other excuse not to go through a physical examination herself.


As soon as her blood was drawn, Yu Duo saw Fu Sinian make a call. After the call was hung up, he walked toward Yu Duo with an apologetic expression. “Duoduo, I’m sorry. Something came up in the company and I need to deal with it. I’ll ask Ah Chi to accompany you for checkup. Are you fine with it?”


Yu Duo shook her head and replied, “No problem. Husband, your work is important. Since there is some emergency,  deal with it first. Besides, as you know, I’m always in good health. I will handle things here alone. Ah Chi doesn’t need to accompany me. No need to worry about me.”


“No, I can rest assured if Ah Chi accompanies you here,” Fu Sinian said to Ah Chi. “You will accompany your sister-in-law and send her home after the physical examination.”


“Don’t worry, brother. I will handle everything here.”


Fu Sinian left after being satisfied with the arrangement.


The older brother left but the younger brother was still there.

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