The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 104

T/L: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Spirit Song and Lie


Yu Duo thought hard and finally found a reason to make Ah Chi leave with an errand run. “Ah Chi, I didn’t have breakfast in the morning. I’m a little hungry now. Can you help me buy some breakfast?”


“What would you like to eat, sister-in-law?” 


Yu Duo’s pleading eyes looked at him, “I want to eat porridge from the restaurant beside Sinian’s company. Would you please help me buy one?”


Fu Sinian company was about half an hour away from here. When Ah Chi returned, she would have already finished the inspection.


Ah Chi turned silent. Just when he was hesitating, Yu Duo added. “If you find it troublesome, it doesn’t matter. I’ll be fine if I’m hungry for a while.”


Ah Chi couldn’t bear it anymore. He gritted his teeth and answered, “OK, sister-in-law, you go through checkup first. I’ll buy you porridge but don’t leave the hospital until I return.”




Ah Chi quickly left.


After Ah Chi disappeared from her sight, Yu Duo left the private room arranged by Fu Sinian and hurried to the crowded obstetrics and gynecology department.


She queued for registration. Yu Duo looked at the time on her mobile phone. Her turn finally arrived after half an hour of queueing.


“Hello, doctor. I’d like to check if I’m pregnant.”


“We have to do a B-mode ultrasound and urine test. Did you eat something this morning?”




“Let’s have a blood test first. Let’s go.”


Yu Duo was racing against time. She shuttled back and forth on several floors undergoing the B-mode ultrasound, urine test and blood test.


The results of the urine test and B-ultrasound came out the fastest. She showed the results to the doctor and waited with a pounding heart.


The doctor glanced at the test report, took off his glasses and finally said. “You are pregnant.”


Yu Duo asked in a trembling voice, “Three … three months?”


“It should be less than three months. From my experience, it should be two months,” said the doctor. “Congratulations.”


“Doctor,” Yu Duo’s voice trembled and her eyes were filled with disbelief. “Are you sure? How can I be pregnant for two months?”


When the doctor looked at Yu Duo’s eyes, he felt that he might have misread or misinterpreted the report, so he took another look at the test report. “Yes, you are pregnant. I have been working in the hospital for so many years. I can tell that you are two months pregnant from the B-ultrasound picture.”


“Doctor, please take a closer look. There may be some problem with the test report.”


The doctor became unhappy when he heard this. Wasn’t that questioning the capabilities and integrity of their hospital and medical expertise?


“Young lady, our hospital is one of the city’s top three hospitals. If you think there is something wrong with the test report, you can go through another examination. However, our hospital hasn’t committed any mistake for many years. Please respect the medical expertise of our hospital.”


The doctor’s words almost sentenced Yu Duo to death. Her face turned pale. She held the test report and walked away lifelessly.


Seeing her like this, the doctor guessed that she wasn’t ready to be a mother. He had seen a lot of people like Yu Duo who came to the hospital for examination alone.


The youngsters were unrestrained and ended up doing things which they regret later. In most of such cases, the child’s father didn’t take responsibility. Most of the children were aborted.


The doctor sighed with regret.


Yu Duo left in a daze. She sat on the chair in the hospital corridor, staring at the test report in her hand. The words said by the doctor “two months pregnant” were echoing her mind.


In other words, she became pregnant one month after Fu Sinian’s disappearance.


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