The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 105

T/L: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Spirit Song and Lie

One month after Fu Sinian’s disappearance, she traveled abroad. It was clear that she didn’t sleep with anyone. How did she get pregnant without going to bed with a man?


Asexual reproduction?


Yu Duo knew in her heart that the probability of any mistakes was extremely small. After all, the top hospitals were very cautious about such things. Let’s not think about how she was pregnant. The most pressing matter was to come up with a way to explain this to Fu Sinian. He disappeared for three months and she was two month pregnant. How could she explain it to Fu Sinian?


This matter couldn’t be concealed for too long.


The baby in her belly was now two months old so it’s not that obvious yet. However it would be different one month later. Even if she could cover up the facts from everyone. How could she hide it from Fu Sinian? How could she make Fu Sinian accept that he wore a green hat…


(T/N: “Wearing a green hat” means cuckold.)


—Kill, mince and throw into the sea.


Fu Sinian’s extremely cruel words echoed in Yu Duo’s ear again and again. The more she thought about it, the more she felt that her end would be like that.


Which man could tolerate that his woman cuckolded him and was pregnant?


What’s more, this man was Fu Sinian.


Fu Shinian would never let her off.


Yu Duo clutched her abdomen, sobbing silently.


‘Baby, your mother is useless. You’re still in my womb after knowing that I cannot give you a bright future. If your existence is exposed, together we both may not live to see the sunrise tomorrow’.  


No, she had to figure out a way. Fu Sinian must not learn of the existence of the baby in her womb.




That would be too cruel!


Fu Sinian would never let off this baby. If he came to know about this, he may just kick her belly in anger.


Yu Duo dared not think about it anymore.


God was really toying with her. In those three months, she kept herself in check and did nothing excessive. How could she be pregnant for two months?


No, wait.


Yu Duo seemed to think of something.


Although she didn’t do anything excessive, didn’t something strange happen before?


‘When I woke up that day, my whole body was covered up with reddish marks which seemed like hickeys.’


That day, she went to find the so-called Master Wen and asked him to make Fu Sinian reincarnate early. At that time, she thought that it was done by Fu Sinian’s ghost. But now Fu Sinian was back and he wasn’t dead at all. He was just in a coma for three months which proved that Master Wen was a liar. Therefore, it’s highly possible that there was another man in the room at that time. Otherwise, those hickeys on her body which represented love and desire that couldn’t be explained!


Thinking more about it, only that night was the most suspicious. No similar thing happened at any other time.


Pregnancy wasn’t something she could conceive by herself. It must be done by a wild man who intentionally drugged her… Otherwise, she wouldn’t have slept like a dead pig after that!


However, the security measures in the villa were very strict and something like this hadn’t happened for many years. How could a strange man come in or sneak into the villa?


Who was it?


Ah Chi strode towards her.


“Sister-in-law, I bought you the porridge you asked for. It’s still hot so eat it while it’s hot.”


Yu Duo slowly looked at Ah Chi with an indescribable expression. She narrowed her eyes and said meaningfully, “Thank you, Ah Chi.”

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