The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 109

T/L: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Spirit Song and Lie

“Before you disappeared, your uncle brought a pregnant woman to the door and claimed that she carried your child.”


 Yu Duo had some difficulty recalling past events but Fu Sinian still remembered the incident clearly.


When the woman named Ah Yu came to the villa and claimed that she was pregnant with his child, what did Yu Duo say in front of everyone?


—Uncle, I also want to have a child with Sinian but Sinian is…infertile.


Yu Duo said this very sincerely, fooling Fu Sinian’s uncle into believing it on the spot. Not only his uncle, but also Aunt Lian believed it.


“Then?” Fu Sinian’s tone turned gloomy.


Yu Duo’s heart trembled but she believed that this matter had been dealt with by her. What more was she afraid of?


She mustered her courage and said in a high tone, “That Ah Yu said that she was pregnant with your baby. Tell me, what’s going on?”


“Ah Yu also said that she and you are childhood sweethearts. Do you like her? And the baby in her stomach… ” Yu Duo couldn’t speak anymore. Her voice choked, turned her head and cried bitterly.


Yu Duo wiped her tears and couldn’t help lamenting that her acting skills improved at a rapid pace. She could cry when she wanted and her mood would change according to her desire. If she entered the entertainment circle, no one could ever rival her and she would be the best actress.


Fu Sinian almost burst into laughter hearing her words.


“Uncle brought a pregnant woman to the door and claimed that the baby in the belly is mine?”


Yu Duo nodded tearfully.


“It was written in the forged will that my uncle could inherit 30% of my estate. Can’t you see from this that my uncle plotted against my estate?”


Listening to Fu Sinian’s words, Yu Duo burst into tears and smiled, “Do you mean that uncle intentionally asked Ah Yu to say that in order to obtain the inheritance?”


Fu Sinian raised his eyebrows slightly. Yu Duo’s acting skills were becoming more and more improved. It was difficult to distinguish what was true and what was false.


“Of course.”


Yu Duo smiled again and she displayed all her emotions perfectly. She acted like a wife who assumed that her husband had cheated and now arrived at the realization of the truth. She hugged Fu Sinian and choked: “Husband, I know you’re not such a person. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have doubted you. Don’t worry, I won’t doubt you any more. You haven’t bathed yet. I’ll get your clothes ready. “


Yu Duo took the opportunity to escape into the cloakroom and let out a long sigh of relief.


Fortunately, she was so smart and diverted Fu Sinian’s attention to Uncle and Ah Yu. Otherwise, he would have continued to question her. Maybe she would really spill the beans. In case Fu Sinian guessed it, would she and her baby still be alive?


Thinking of this, Yu Duo caressed her belly for a long time. Her body would betray her unless she could make Fu Sinian believe that her child was three months old.


Three months was just right.


However, she didn’t have any power. How could she make a doctor fake her pregnancy?


Once Fu Sinian came to know that she was pregnant, he would take her for examination. There would be no chance of manipulating the evidence at all.


She couldn’t keep it secret for long. Sooner or later, her secret would be exposed.


For now, she could only employ 36 plans, going for good. While Fu Sinian hadn’t found out yet, should she flee?


(T/N: “36 plans, going for good” meant that the inability to resist the enemy, taking escape as the best strategy.)


Flee away?

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