The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 110

T/L: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Spirit Song and Lie

No, no, how could she escape under Fu Sinian’s very nose? Moreover, where could she flee to?

She would probably be captured by Fu Sinian before she even stepped outside of the city. Moreover, Fu Sinian would dig out everything about her.


Yu Duo thought hard about it but failed to come up with any good measures. It seemed that all paths lead to dead ends.


Heaven wanted to kill her!


Fu Sinian’s eyes narrowed as he looked at his empty hand. After that, he recalled what Yu Duo had said and how she behaved just now.


He had met countless bad actors in the business field. Which one of them was not more cunning and wilier than Yu Duo? How could he not figure out Yu Duo’s thoughts?




She suddenly mentioned the child to him. He was afraid that it did not sound as simple on the surface.


She wanted a child?


But what if she didn’t want a child?




Fu Sinian got up and called Ah Chi.


“Ah Chi, go to the hospital tomorrow morning to get the results of today’s inspection.”


Then he hung up the phone.




“What’s the matter, Ma’am? This porridge is not to your taste?”


At the dinner table, Aunt Lian watched Yu Duo holding a spoon and scoop up the porridge in front of her. It became cold but she didn’t eat it at all and held the spoon in her hand, looking slightly dazed.


Aunt Lian’s words interrupted Yu Duo’s thoughts. She turned to look at the table full of breakfast in front of her and said with a smile, “No, I was just thinking about something.”


She was thinking about something the whole night. She thought about it over and over again. She was still thinking about it when she woke up early in the morning. No matter how much she thought, she couldn’t come up with anything.


How did she get pregnant?!


She couldn’t figure it out at all.


Could someone get pregnant without a man in this world?


Wasn’t it too crazy?


Yu Duo had no appetite and even vaguely had some nausea. She put the spoon and said, “Aunt Lian, I’m done.”


“You are done? You haven’t eaten more than a few mouthful.”


“I didn’t sleep well last night. I have no appetite.”


Aunt Lian said with a sigh, “You have lost your appetite for a few days. I will prepare some of your favorite seafood at noon. I will have someone deliver shrimp and crab. You can rest assured that they will be fresh.”


When Yu Duo heard it, she subconsciously stroked her lower abdomen, “Aunt Lian, I don’t like eating seafood. Can you make something lighter for me?”


“Don’t you always like seafood?”


“I am not feeling well recently. The doctor had advised me to eat lighter, avoid spicy food and also to avoid consuming seafood,” Yu Duo didn’t know what pregnant women could eat and what they could not eat. Later, she would study carefully.


“I will prepare something light for you.”


Yu Duo went upstairs and returned to her room. She turned on the computer and searched ‘Precautions for pregnant women’.




As a person trained by Fu Sinian, Ah Chi had been around Fu Sinian for seven years. He was Fu Sinian’s right hand and confidant. He not only dealt with the company’s affairs for Fu Sinian but also occasionally handled Fu Sinian’s private affairs.


Early in the morning, Ah Chi drove to the hospital and took the medical reports of Fu Sinian and Yu Duo.


After waiting for a while, the doctor gave Fu Sinian’s report to him. When Ah Chi saw that there was only one report, he asked with a tinge of doubt, “Doctor, why is there only one report?”

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