The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 111

T/L: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Spirit Song and Lie

“Oh, Mrs. Fu’s physical examination report is incomplete. It could be that she didn’t undergo a physical examination yesterday, so there was only one report.”


“Incomplete report? No physical examination? How is that possible? Please check again, doctor. “


When the doctor heard it, he thought for a while, “Well, I’ll check it once again for you. What is Mrs. Fu’s name?”


“Yu Duo.”


The doctor inquired about the name of ‘Yu Duo’ on the hospital system, “Oh, yes, she had a gynecological examination yesterday afternoon. Wait a minute, I will print it for you.”


“Please, doctor.”


Ah Chi waited for a while before the doctor handed him the report.


It’s just that Yu Duo’s report was different from Fu Sinian’s report.


“Why only gynecology?”


“I don’t know about it but our hospital system only shows that Mrs. Fu had a gynecological examination.”


Ah Chi frowned and wondered why Yu Duo didn’t undergo a physical examination yesterday but he didn’t inquire any further. He left the hospital with both reports.


Ah Chi got into the car and placed the reports on the seat next to the driver seat. Yu Duo’s report fell down from the seat. Ah Chi stooped to pick it up but then his eyesight suddenly fell unto the B-ultrasonic pictures and detailed explanations attached to it.


—Eight weeks of pregnancy.




Ah Chi was shocked. He quickly opened Yu Duo’s report and looked carefully.


From the blood test and B-ultrasound results, it was clearly stated that Yu Duo was pregnant and was eight weeks pregnant.


The child was healthy.


Eight weeks?


It was about two months ago.


‘However, wasn’t Big Brother missing two months ago?’


‘So the baby inside sister-in-law’s belly…’


Ah Chi suddenly fell into a daze, and unconsciously held the report sheets in disarray. 


‘No matter whose child in sister-in-law’s belly is, it couldn’t have been elder brother’s. However, if it is not the elder brother’s child, then whose is it?’


Sister-in-law… and someone…


Ah Chi didn’t dare to think about it. There was a voice in his heart telling him that his sister-in-law was not such a person!


‘Yes, sister-in-law is not such a person.’


‘Sister-in-law loves big brother so much. How could she commit an affair exactly one month after his death?’


‘There must be a secret behind all this.’


Ah Chi forced himself to calm down and thought about it.


‘What did sister-in-law do two months ago?’


‘Two months ago, after big brother’s “funeral” was held, sister-in-law travelled abroad to relax at that time.’


‘Could it be that sister-in-law was bullied (r̲a̲p̲e̲d̲) while abroad?’


Yu Duo’s pure face, innocent eyes, shy smile and timid looking expression flashed in Ah Chi’s mind.


‘At first, Uncle brought Ah Yu home to raise trouble. He wanted to use the child in Ah Yu’s belly to obtain elder brother’s legacy. At that time, sister-in-law was helpless and could only bear with it. Later, Qiao Jiao came to the villa with a forged will and forced her to give up 70% of the legacy. At that time, sister-in-law… kept herself locked in the room all day long the entire time. She looked tired and dejected.’


‘Sister-in-law had been mourning for big brother for the past three months. She was very devoted to elder brother. How could she ever betray him?’


‘Yes, it’s impossible for sister-in-law to betray elder brother. She must have been bullied when she was traveling abroad!’


Ah Chi clenched his fists and punched hard on the steering wheel.


He shouldn’t have let his sister-in-law go alone from the very beginning. He knew that she was weak and never went out alone. He also knew that the foreign environment was complex and nobody could be trusted. Why didn’t he send someone to follow her?!
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