The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 113

Edited By Spirit Song

Ah Chi’s three consecutive questions instantly caused Yu Duo to panic.


The pregnancy was revealed. For a while, she was confused and her brain was in disorder. She could not think of any words to respond to Ah Chi.


“I……” The word ‘pregnant’ on the report stabbed her eyes. She was negligent, thinking that report would be available three days later. However, she didn’t expect that Ah Chi would get the report before her. Now that the facts were put in front of her and all her sophistry was futile.


Ah Chi wouldn’t believe it.


Ah Chi would not betray Fu Sinian and would definitely tell Fu Sinian about it.


Perhaps in Ah Chi’s eyes now, she was a woman who couldn’t wait to have a ‘spring night’ with other men while her husband was missing.


She was pregnant.


“Ah Chi, listen to me. This is not what you think.”


Yu Duo’s eyes were erratic and her voice was trembling and shobbing. She looked at Ah Chi with a panicked expression which more and more confirmed Ah Chi’s previous guess.


‘Sister-in-law is pregnant. She must have been bullied!’


When she was abroad, she was defiled by some a̲s̲s̲h̲o̲l̲e̲ and couldn’t put up any resistance!


Ah Chi took a deep breath and clenched his fists. His eyes turned red and he gritted his teeth. He suppressed his anger that was about to explode into raging fury and asked, “Sister-in-law, when did it happen?”


Even Yu Duo didn’t know when it happened. However, wasn’t it two months ago based on the medical report?


“Two months ago.”


Yu Duo’s answer was indirect admittance.


Ah Chi’s eyes turned even more ferocious, making Yu Duo’s scalp go numb.




“I don’t know whose. ” Yu Duo said with a stiff face, “I don’t remember.”


‘It is as expected!’


Ah Chi smashed his fist on the table top. His fist was bleeding, leaving several blood trails on the table top.


Yu Duo took a step back and his heartbeat accelerated.


‘It’s over.’


Ah Chi was angry.


‘He is loyal to Fu Sinian and now he found that I had ‘greened’ Fu Sinian. Won’t he kill me in advance for the sake of protecting Fu Sinian’s reputation, right?’


Put in the trunk and throw the body in the wilderness so that even a ghost wouldn’t know anything.


But didn’t Ah Chi like her?


Yu Duo wished to slap herself. At this juncture, what was the use of these things?


‘What he likes is the former simple and pure me but now look at me. I have become a woman whose child’s father’s name is unknown. Someone who made her husband wore a green cap. A woman with a scheming heart. How can he like me anymore?’


“Ah Chi, I……”


“I’m sorry, Sister-in-law. It’s all my fault,” Ah Chi said as he lowered his head down. He looked very regretful and remorseful: “If it weren’t for me, this wouldn’t have happened… It’s all my fault!”


Yu Duo stared at him like he was some kind of a ghost.




What nonsense Ah Chi was saying to her?


Was the child in her belly really his?


Otherwise, why would he take the responsibility and say sorry to her?


Yu Duo’s eyes sank.


Ah, this Ah Chi usually looked simple and was kind like a child. She misjudged him!


Bah! What child? He had worked for Fu Sinian for so many years. This man did not look as simple as he looked.


Sure enough, he even took advantage of his elder brother’s absence to lay his hands on his sister-in-law!


Damn it!

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