The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 114

Edited By Spirit Song

“I’m sorry, sister-in-law. If I had been more careful and taken better care of you, you wouldn’t be pregnant now!” Ah Chi hated himself for not going abroad with Yu Duo. Even letting someone accompany Yu Duo was good enough!


Yu Duo held her anger as she knew that it was not time to hold Ah Chi accountable.


“What now?”


Ah Chi answered after thinking about it, “Big Brother will know about it sooner or later so it’s better for us to take initiative. I will explain everything to Big Brother. He would not blame…”


“Are you crazy?” Yu Duo was shocked and her face became pale. She looked at Ah Chi with an expression that seemed to be saying ‘Are you crazy?’. He even wanted to turn himself in?


Not to mention that he was only Fu Sinian’s half-brother, even if he was Fu Sinian’s real brother, how could Fu Sinian tolerate someone laying their finger on his wife?


The thing he had done was even more nasty than Qiao Jiao.


‘Ah Chi, does he even have a brain!’


“Sinian won’t let us go!”


Ah Chi looked extremely anxious as he said, “But we have no other choice. Now that I know about this, I can’t hide it from my big brother!”


“We’ll both end up as corpses if you don’t hide it from him!” Yu Duo caressed the child in her belly. She wished to slap him silly to wake him up.


‘Wake up already. When you did that kind of thing to me, you already betrayed him. Now, what else is there to talk about betraying? Is life, or loyalty more important to you right now?’


“I don’t need you to betray Sinian. I just… want to live. if Sinian came to know about this, he would not let both of us off. Can you help me, please?”


Ah Chi anxiously walked back and forth in front of the desk. He took out a cigarette from his pocket and wanted to smoke, but once he thought of Yu Duo, he put the cigarette back again.


“Otherwise, how about aborting the child?”


“Abort?” Yu Duo dared not to think about that.


The risk of abortion was too high becase it was the same as giving birth to a child. She would become physically weak after abortion and would need to rest for some time. By then anyone could guess that she had an abortion.


She would need to recuperate at least half a month before she had confidence that Fu Sinian wouldn’t feel anything out of place.


“Do you think it’s so easy to abort? I live here, even if Sinian can’t guess it, Aunt Lian will definitely discover it.”


“Then… how long do you need?”


This was Ah Chi’s compromise


Now that she had acquired an accomplice, it was much easier to do anything. All the methods she had previously thought that she could not accomplish by herself might actually become possible.


“A month.”


In fact, she would like to take this opportunity to run rather than having an abortion!


Ah Chi nodded and said, “Okay, I think of a way.”


After saying that, he went out in big strides.


With Ah Chi’ assurance, Yu Duo breathed a sigh of relief. She had finally found a way to live.


Thinking about abortion, although she didn’t want to do it, she didn’t have any option.


She stroked her belly and whispered as in a somewhat aggrieved tone: “Baby, why did you get into my belly? Your mother is really powerless and can’t protect you. Next time you have to find a mother who can give birth to you, you hear me?”

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