The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 115

Edited By Spirit Song

Ah Chi drove fast. What was supposed to be an hour’s journey took less than 40 minutes to complete. He finally reached the company.


Seeing Fu Sinian was not in the office, Ah Chi inexplicably felt relieved.


He put Fu Sinian’s medical examination report on Fu Sinian’s desk and was about to leave. Then he saw Fu Sinian strode toward the office.


“You are back.”


Ah Chi’s pupils shrank. All these years working with Fu Sinian, he had not concealed anything from him. He knew about Yu Duo’s matter and couldn’t tell Fu Sinian. It felt like a heavy boulder weighing his heart down.


Fu Sinian didn’t pay any attention to him. After sitting at his desk, he turned over the medical examination report on his desk and looked at it roughly. When he saw there was only one medical examination report, he felt puzzled. He looked up at Ah Chi and asked, “What about your sister-in-law’s report?”


“Sister in law…” Ah Chi felt guilty and didn’t dare to look straight at Fu Sinian’s eyes. He hung his head and stammered, “The hospital said that it hasn’t come out yet. I will fetch it tomorrow.”


Ah Chi was taught by Fu Sinian. He knew exactly how he behaved in different situations. He was obviously nervous in his heart but he was trying to put up a strong front. There was definitely something he was trying to hide.


His eyes narrowed slightly and he threw the report on the desk with a bang. Ah Chi was startled and hurried to look up. Fu Sinian’s gloomy and deep eyes looked at Ah Chi’s eyes which were full of uncertainty and confusion.


In the end, he was still young and not experienced enough. He couldn’t keep things hidden in his heart.


Fu Sinian looked at him for a while and didn’t get upset. He just said casually, “OK, you go out.”


Ah Chi hesitated.


“Something else?”


After thinking for a while, Ah Chi boldly asked: “The project on which our company and the GP company of the United States will collaborate is still in a suspended state because of your disappearance. Do you need to go abroad to handle this matter? “


Fu Sinian lowered his eyes. His voice was slightly gloomy when he answered but it made Ah Chi feel happy, “OK, I will go.”


Ah Chi avoided his eyes and said: “Okay, then I’ll prepare everything.”


After he finished saying, he strode away.


Fu Sinian looked at Ah Chi’s back with furrowed brows.


It’s true that the amount involved in the cooperation with the GP company was very large, but the most important thing at present was the project for which they were competing with the Qin family. He has to keep tabs on Qin Shao all the time. It was impossible to solve the problems of collaboration with GP company in a week. However, Ahi Chi mentioned the GP company at this critical time, why did he want him to fly abroad?


Fu Sinian knew  Ah Chi inside out. He was not someone who would lose his cool easily and try to keep him in the dark. He believed that he would not harm him.


What happened?


In the afternoon, Ah Chi arranged the schedule of Fu Sinian’s flight abroad. Fu Sinian took a look at it. It was neither long nor short. It consisted of five days. He accepted Ah Chi’s arrangement without refuting.


In the evening, Fu Sinian went home and saw Aunt Lian wearing glasses sitting at the dining table looking at the recipe, sighing.


“Aunt Lian, what’s the matter?”


Aunt Lian got up quickly and smiled, “Sir, are you back? Let me serve you supper.”

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