The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 116

Edited By Spirit Song

“No, I’m not hungry. What are you doing?” He set his eyes on the recipe in Aunt Lian’s hands.


“I’m learning some new recipes. I don’t know what’s going on but Madam’s appetite is getting worse day by day. She’s been vomiting today. Madam told me that she’s had an upset stomach recently and asked me to make some light food for her.”




“Yes, just like when someone does in pregnancy…” Speaking of the word pregnancy, Aunt Lian consciously stopped. After all, Yu Duo had said that Fu Sinian was infertile.


Fu Shinian continued to ask, “Are there any other symptoms besides vomiting?”


Aunt Lian thought about it carefully and answered, “Madam wakes up at 9 o’clock every morning recently. She said that she was tired and didn’t get enough sleep. Sir, although I shouldn’t say this, you need to bear Madam’s health in mind. This can’t go on any longer. If Madam gets up late every day and doesn’t eat breakfast in time, how will her stomach get better?”


“Nine o’clock…” Thinking of all the things wrong with Yu Duo in the recent period and then connecting it with her mention of a child, Fu Sinian vaguely understood the overall situation. He raised his eyebrows and said, “OK, I understood. You’ve worked so hard. You should rest early.”


He went upstairs.


In the room, Yu Duo was leaning against the bed and reading a book. Seeing Fu Sinian enter the room, her heart thumped and she immediately got off the bed.


“You’re back?”


Fu Sinian’s gaze swept away from her lower abdomen. He acted as if nothing had happened and said while taking off his suit, “I will go abroad to discuss a contract the day after tomorrow.”


“Going abroad? For how many days? “


“It won’t be long, just five days. You take care of yourself at home.”


Yu Duo took Fu Sinian’s suit. Upon hearing this, she smiled and praised Ah Chi in her heart.


It’s only been half a day but he had arranged enough time for her.


Fu Sinian would be going abroad for five days. With Fu Sinian not being here, it’s more than enough to run or abort the child!


Five days abroad, without Fu Sinian staring, whether it is running or beating the child, it is more than enough!


“Okay, husband. When you are abroad, you should pay attention to your safety.”


For Yu Duo, the news of Fu Shinian going abroad for five days was more joyful than anything else. After the gloom swept away, a light smile appeared on her face which was noticed by Aunt Lian.


“Madam, why are you so happy today?”


Yu Duo hummed a song and thought to herself. After Fu Sinian went abroad, she would be able to live freely and finally escape from Fu Sinian’s ‘Claws’. Wasn’t it a happy thing?


“The weather is nice today.”


When Yu Duo laughed, her bright eyes narrowed into a crescent moon. Her eyes were clear and pure like spring water. They were so bright that they seemed to contain all stars.. Her smile was sweet and beautiful, full of appeal. Looking that Yu Duo was in a good mood, even Aunt Lian could not help laughing.


“Madam, are you feeling better these two days?”


At the dining table, Yu Duo who was just about to sit down went stiff and the smile on her face dulled a bit. She subconsciously stroked her lower abdomen as she said, “Thank you, Aunt Lian for your care. It’s much better.”


Aunt Lien breathed a sigh of relief. “That’s good. Sir asked me about this some time ago. It seems like heavy food is not suitable for you.”


The food on the dinner table was indeed light. It could be seen that Aunt Lian took great pains to make it.

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