The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 117

Edited By Spirit Song

Yu Duo had been consuming Aunt Lian’s home cooking for over three years. Thinking that she might never eat the meals made by Aunt Lian after escaping from here, the smile on Yu Duo’s face faded a lot.


All these years in the Fu family, she had been living with Aunt Lian all day and night. Aunt Lian had taken good care of her dietary needs and daily life. She had spent much more time with her than with Fu Sinian.


“What’s wrong?” Seeing Yu Duo was silent, Aunt Lian glanced at the food and asked, “Is it not to your taste?”


Yu Duo returned to her senses and replied with a reluctant smile, “No, I was thinking about Sinian. He is going on a business trip tomorrow. I will have to pack his luggage later.”


“I’ll take care of it after dinner.”


“No, I don’t want to trouble you.”


“It’s of no trouble,” Aunt Lian looked at Yu Duo with a slightly reproachful look, “Madam, I have been with the Fu family for so many years. Why do you always use polite words like ‘trouble’ and ‘thank you’?”


“You have taken care of me for so long. I should at least say ‘thank you’. Thank you for taking care of me all these years.” Yu Duo looked at Aunt Lian and said very sincerely.




The next day, Yu Duo got up early in the morning to check Fu Sinian’s luggage to make sure that nothing was missing.


Fu Shinian watched Yu Duo work while tying his necktie and couldn’t help smiling. He said, “Duoduo, come here.”


Yu Duo went to Fu Sinian and asked, “What’s the matter?”


Fu Shinian pulled off the tie that had already been tied. He looked down at his wife who was a head shorter than him and said, “Help me tie it.”


‘…Okay, just need to tie a necktie.’ She would bear with it.


Yu Duo raised her hand and skillfully tied the necktie for Fu Sinian.


She knotted a neat windsor knot for Fu Sinian.


Yu Duo stood on her tiptoes and arranged the collar for Fu Sinian. Her body was close to that of Fu Sinian’s. A little warm breath sprinkled on the side of her face. Fu Sinian could smell her intoxicating fragrance. His eyes moved slightly and he kissed the person in front of him.


Yu Duo was completely unprepared. She was just thinking about her ‘escape plan’ and she suddenly got kissed. Her brain had not yet responded but her body instinctively stepped back.


Fu Shinian was already prepared. He stroked Yu Duo’s head with one hand and refused to let her retreat. She was not allowed to hide, let alone escape. At this moment, he was extremely overbearing. Yu Duo was like a white rabbit in front of him. There was no room for a rabbit to escape from a tiger.


The long morning kiss finally ended when Yu Duo’s face turned bright red like a tomato. When she responded, Fu Sinian’s tie had long been untangled by her.


“I’ll pick out another tie for you.”


Yu Duo was just about to turn around but Fu Sinian grabbed her waist. His eyes casted at meaningful look at her and a thin finger rubbed over Yu Duo’s delicate mouth as he whispered: “Why are you so happy early in the morning? Can you share the reason with me?”


It turned out that she somehow showed her mood.


She could only blame herself for losing her cool.


Yu Duo blinked and her expression turned calm, “It’s a nice day today.”


Fu Sinian did not let go of her chin, “What else?”


Yu Duo pretended to think before saying, “Nothing.”

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