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The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 118

Edited By Spirit Song

“Nothing?” Fu Sinian’s volume increased and his eyebrows knitted. His facial expression turned into a sour scowl.


Yu Duo had lived with him for so many years but she still couldn’t figure out what he meant.


After thinking about it, Yu Duo wrapped her arms around Fu Sinian’s neck and pecked a kiss on his lips lightly. Her gentle eyes looked at him for a moment before she said, “Come back early.”


If such a loving scene where her lovely eyes were viewed by outsiders, they would have felt really moved.


Except, Fu Sinian’s eyes flashed but he still put on a smiling expression, “I’ll try my best.”


“Brother, the car is alread…” The door of the room was not closed and Ah Chi recklessly entered inside. When he saw the scene inside, words got stuck in his throat. His eyes wandered on two of them for a moment before averting his gaze. He turned his head sideways and his voice also unconsciously lowered, “Brother, the car is waiting outside.”


Yu Duo let go off Fu Sinian’s neck, turned around and continued to check his luggage for him.


Half an hour later, Yu Duo stood at the door of the villa and bid farewell to Fu Shinian.


“Husband, you have to take care of yourself when you are abroad. Finish the work as soon as possible and come back early.”


Ah Chi pulled the car door open. Fu Sinian stood in front of the car door and silently stared at Yu Duo. His eyes suddenly dimmed.


Yu Duo couldn’t stand being stared at by Fu Sinian. She felt as if Fu Sinian was seeing through her from top to bottom, from the outside to the inside. Her secrets were being  peeled by Fu Sinian bit by bit.


“Is there anything else that you wish to tell me?”


It was a familiar sounding tone.


It seemed that Fu Sinian had once asked her in the same tone before. What happened?


Previously he used that tone when he quizzed Yu Duo about Yu Yang.


Fu Shinian seemed to know everything and nothing could be hidden from him for long.


So, how much had he known?


Or was he just casually asking?


Yu Duo didn’t know and didn’t want to guess. Things had already reached this point so there was no turning back now.




“Is it?” Fu Sinian withdrew his gaze. His eyes had an indescribable emotion in them but he hid it very well.


“Then I’ll go first.”


He got in the car and left.


Yu Duo stood at the door and watched Fu Sinian’s car leave until it disappeared from her sight, and finally heaved a long sigh of relief.




In the VIP waiting room of the airport, the assistant next to Fu Sinian took the ticket handed over by Ah Chi.


“Brother, the plane will take off in half an hour. Someone will come to pick you up in the USA…”


“Ah Chi,” Fu Sinian interrupted Ah Chi halfway before he could finish his sentence and looked at him, “You don’t look well. Didn’t you sleep well last night?”


It wasn’t just last night.


Since knowing that Yu Duo was pregnant, Ah Chi hadn’t slept well even a single night.


“Young men shouldn’t stay up late.” Fu Sinian’s eyes fell on Ah Chi’s tired face as he said.


Under this gaze, Ah Chi couldn’t help averting his eyes unconsciously, he hung his head low and muttered, “Yes, I know.”


“When I am abroad, the company and home will be under your responsibility.”


“Yes… “


“You should pay more attention to Qin Shao. Inform me about his actions at the first moment’s notice. Do not rile up the enemy unnecessarily. You do not need to confront him face to face. Do you understand?”



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