The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 119

Edited By Spirit Song

“One more thing, your sister-in-law recently doesn’t seem to be feeling well. The medical reports are still in the hospital. When you have the time, you will have to personally go and check why the report hasn’t come out yet.”. Right there and then, Fu Sinian’s eyes sank slightly and he called, “Ah Chi!”


Ah Chi suddenly returned to his senses, “Big brother, what’s the matter?”


“Lately, you look as if you’ve been ill. What’s going on?”


“Nothing!” Ah Chi’s subconscious response made Fu Sinian frown. Ah Chi soon realized that his tone was a tone high pitched than normal and smiled: “It’s okay. I just haven’t slept well recently.”


Fu Sinian’s eyes sank, “It’s been really hard on you recently. After the project has progressed to the next stage, I will grant you a few days off to rest well.”


Ah Chi hesitated and became indecisive, and he did not dare to look into Fu Sinian’s eyes. He was too worried these days.


Fu Sinian glanced at the assistant next to him and the assistant immediately handed a car key to Ah Chi.


Ah Chi was stunned for a moment.


“Take it. Didn’t you always say that you want to save money to buy this sports car? It’s your birthday in a few days. It’s a birthday present from your big brother.”


“Big brother, no! This is too expensive! I can’t take it!” Ah Chi knew the price of this sports car. It was in eight figures. Everything he had owned was given by his big brother. He couldn’t accept such an expensive gift.


“Accept it.” Fu Sinian said: “I have been negligent as an elder brother. You are no longer young. It’s time to find a girlfriend. What kind of girl do you like? I’ll ask your sister-in-law to help you find someone.”


Ah Chi stammered nervously: “I… I never thought of this. “


“Take the car first. I’ll talk to you more later once I get back.”


The assistant shoved the car key into Ah Chi’s hand.


The broadcast reminded embarking passengers to board the plane. Fu Sinian got up.


Ah Chi called out subconsciously facing Fu Sinian’s back: “Brother!”


Fu Sinian looked back at him, “What’s the matter? Is there anything else?”


Qi held the car key in his hand, as if holding a hot potato. He had a hesitant expression on his face. His adam’s apple was moving up and down, and his eyes were unsteady.


Ah Chi held the car key in his hand as if he was holding a hot potato, his face was deeply tangled, his throat rolled up and down, and his eyes flickered.


However, he was afraid to tell the truth.


“I…” Sister-in-law’s pregnancy was the only thing that he had been concealing from his elder brother ever since Fu Sinian rescued him out of the garbage dumps.


Fu Sinian stood still and looked at him patiently, “What do you want to say?”


Ah Chi’s eyes were bloodshot. He hesitated and didn’t know what to do.


If he told the truth, the elder brother would definitely not forgive his sister-in-law. Knowing the elder brother’s character, he would not even let her off.


However, sister-in-law hadn’t done anything wrong; rather it was some b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ who made the sister-in-law pregnant!


However, even if the situation was pardonable, how could sister-in-law reveal it to others?


If he didn’t say anything, his elder brother would forever be kept in the dark by both himself and sister-in-law. Fu Sinian would never know that the sister-in-law had been pregnant with someone’s children.


It was unfair to the elder brother.


It was his elder brother who brought him out of the garbage dump. The eldest brother had treated him so well, so he couldn’t continue to deceive him!


“Ah Chi?”

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