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The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 120

Edited By Spirit Song

Ah Chi suddenly raised his head and his hand which was holding the car key clenched tightly. The blue veins on the back of his hand bulged out one by one.


He looked at Fu Sinian with anxiety and unease, “Big Brother, if… if sister-in-law… I mean, if I do something wrong unintentionally. Can big brother forgive me?”


“Forgive you?”


“I mean you… I…”


“Unintentionally? What do you mean exactly?”


Could Ah Chi explain what has transpired?


Unfortunately, he couldn’t.


He couldn’t explain it for the sake of his sister-in-law.


How could he announce that sister-in-law is pregnant?


He couldn’t disclose anything related to sister-in-law.


After thinking about it numerous times in a moment, he finally just smiled, “It’s okay. I just… just said it casually. Don’t take it to heart, big brother.”


Fu Sinian nodded and saw that Ah Chi’s face had a devastated expression on it. He stepped forward a few steps and put his hand on Ah Chi’s shoulder but he didn’t say anything. He just lay his hand with a firm grip. Ah Chi could feel the heavy force on his shoulder. He gritted his teeth and bore with the pressure.


The assistant nearby reminded, “Mr. Fu, we should board the plane.”


Fu Sinian stared at him for a long time. It was as if he could see everything clearly from inside out. However, he didn’t say anything and turned away without saying a word.


It wasn’t until Fu Sinian’s flight took off that Ah Chi realized that his feet were numb. He almost staggered when he moved.


He sat on a chair and looked at the birthday present given to him by Fu Sinian. He lowered his head and said with a bitter smile, “Ah Chi, you are such an ungrateful thing.”




“Ah Chi, are you sure that Sinian boarded the plane?”


In the villa, Yu Duo who was disturbed by Fu Sinian’s good morning kiss and his meaningful eyes asked repeatedly.


Ah Chi’s face was pale. The dark circles under his eyes were evidently obvious, but he tried to keep his spirits up, “Well, big brother has already boarded the plane.”


After that, he raised his hand and looked at the time, “Sister-in-law, let me take you to the airport first.”


He handed the ticket to Yu Duo.


It was the ticket for the flight at twelve noon.


Yu Duo suppressed her excitement and took the ticket.


“Don’t worry… I’ve already arranged everything. Someone will pick you up when you get off the plane. You just go…” When his gaze fell on Yu Duo’s abdomen, his teeth clenched and his eyes turned bloodshot. After a few minutes, “And abort the child.”


Arranging to abort his own child, how could Ah Chi feel good in his heart?


However, this was what Ah Chi deserved!


Who told him to do such a jerk thing! Did he think that no one would come to know about it? As a matter of fact, if this incident came to light, she would lose her life.


“After aborting the child, you will spend a month resting there to recuperate. I will tell big brother that you are traveling abroad. He will be very busy when he returns to China and won’t have time…”


Ah Chi’s words couldn’t be more obvious. Using this chance when Fu Sinian was far away, she could recover her health and then act as if nothing had happened.


Yu Duo nodded.


Yu Duo did not bring too many things along with her, so as not to attract people’s attention. She only brought her belongings and a few bank cards. She took the airplane ticket that Ah Chi had bought for her and went downstairs.


“Madam, where are you…” Aunt Lian couldn’t help herself but to ask when she saw the bag in Yu Duo’s hand and the outfit she wore before heading out.

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