The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 121

Edited By Spirit Song

Yu Duo stood still and said with a smile: “Aunt Lian, I will live with my parents these two days. Take care of yourself.”


Aunt Lian smiled when she heard it, “Then you pay attention to safety on the way.”


Yu Duo nodded. Thinking that she might never see Aunt Lian again, Yu Duo stepped forward and gave Aunt Lian a big hug, “Aunt Lian, goodbye.”


Aunt Lian’s smile widened and she gently patted Yu Duo’s back, “Goodbye.”


Yu Duo let go of Aunt Lian and strode out.


In the garden, some servants were pruning branches while other servants were weeding under the shade of the trees. Before getting into the car, Yu Duo looked back at the villa where she had lived for three years. Every corner of the villa was familiar to her.


She would never come back to this place after today.


Yu duo gently smiled, opened the door and got into the car.


After the car started, the villa got farther and farther away, and finally disappeared from her sight.


Yu duo withdrew her gaze from the window and leaned back. The big stone in her heart seemed to have been moved away. On a day when it was time to go to battle easily, she felt inexplicably that this moment was no easier than before.


Yu Duo withdrew her gaze from the car window and leaned back. The big rock in her heart seemed to have been removed. She suddenly had the urge to go back.


She shook her head, and dispelled the emotion that might be ‘reluctance to part’.


People were always nostalgic of their home. She had lived here for three years. She was very familiar with people and things around her. How could she leave without nostalgia?


It’s normal to be reluctant to part.


However, these emotions were completely negligible in front of the future.




She stroked her stomach and bore these emotions.


Along the way, Yu Duo and Ah Chi kept silent, and the awkward atmosphere continued to the airport.


It was not until they got off the car and walked at the security checkpoint that Yu Duo turned around and said to Ah Chi: “Okay, just send it till here. I will go through the security check myself. If there is nothing else, you can go back now. I will take care of myself.”


Ah Chi’s face was full of tension. The wrinkles on his eyebrows had never been smoothed down.


“I know what you’re worried about. You helped me. I promise you that I will never tell Sinian about this. We will just act as if nothing has happened.”


Ah Chi misunderstood Yu Duo’s meaning, “I don’t know whether I’m right or wrong to do this. However, I can’t pretend that nothing has happened. This time we deceived the elder brother. Sister in law, you promise me that you will live a good life with the elder brother after abortion. I don’t want the elder brother to be wronged again.”


Yu Duo sighed. If she had known it would come to this, she would not have acted thus.




Yu Duo said with a smile and went to the security checkpoint: “I go first.”


Ah Chi said nothing and just looked at Yu Duo’s back until she disappeared at the security checkpoint.


It’s 12 o’clock sharp. It had been an hour and a half since Fu Sinian’s plane took off.


Yu Duo came out of the security checkpoint.


Ah Chi had already left the airport. She did not board the flight that Ah Chi had prepared for her. She bought herself a ticket without telling anyone.


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