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The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 122

Translated & Edited By Nyx

She did not plan to come back.


Taking advantage of Fu Sinian’s absence and Ah Chi’s trust, she had planned to leave this place and go somewhere far, far enough where no one could recognize her, and live there peacefully.


Everything was prepared. In the three months that Fu Sinian was considered dead, she had already laid out the plan. She would change her identity and drop her name ‘Yu Duo’. She would live the way she wanted and live a comfortable life.


That kind of life, just merely thinking about it makes her feel excited.

Yu Duo boarded the plane smoothly. Upon boarding, the flight attendant smiled at her and served her attentively. She gave Yi Duo a blanket and served her a glass of champagne.


After all the luggage was placed, the staff at the runway closed the door of the baggage compartment and drove away with the truck. The safety measures were being explained and demonstrated by the flight attendant. After she was finished, everyone fastened their seatbelts and waited for the plane to take off.


Yu Duo looked outside the window and saw another plane waiting to take off.


After I leave, will Fu Sinian find out that I am gone?


Remembering what Ah Chi said, Fu Sinian had been very busy recently and would not have the time to look for her.


Will Aunt Lian worry about me?


It’s quite annoying to leave without even saying goodbye to anyone.


Should I send a message while waiting for the plane to take off…. No, I can send a message to Ah Chi tomorrow after I have settled down.


Ah Chi would understand her.


Yu Duo caressed her lower abdomen. It would have been nice if the child was of Fu Sinian.


…Wait! Why am I thinking like that?


Why did she think that it would be fine if the child was his?


Get yourself straight Yu Duo! Haven’t you always thought of leaving this place? Now that you can finally go, what are you thinking about?


Yu Duo picked up the glass of champagne in front of her and when she was about to drink it, her attention was caught by the ring on her finger.


This was the ring that Fu Sinian wore on her fingers at their wedding.


Speaking of wedding, she and Fu Sinian hadn’t divorced yet and were still married in a sense. Wasn’t it irresponsible of her to leave just like that?


After all, Fu Sinian did not mistreat her during the years of them being together. He gave all the necessities she needed, be it food, clothing, a house to stay, a car to drive and even gave her the title of Mrs. Fu. If Fu Sinian met a woman whom he really liked in the future, he would not be able to marry because he was still married. What was she going to do?


Should I make it clear to Fu Sinian or just send him the divorce papers?


Thinking of this, Yu Duo felt that she was reading too much into the situation.


She should wait until everything was settled.


“Miss, the plane is about to take off, please fasten your seatbelt.”


Yu Duo looked at the flight attendant as she walked past her and went to the first class area.


Most of the passengers were taking a nap while a few others were still busy with work.


If it was Fu Sinian, he would be like the few others who were still working. After all, he was the workaholic type of person.


It would take thirteen hours to reach the United States by plane. Now, it had only been three hours after he left, Fu Sinian…


Yu Duo couldn’t wait to give herself a slap.


Why are you thinking of Fu Sinian again?


What! You miss him?!


He had a lot of things going on in his mind and didn’t have the time to think of you!


Yu Duo felt frustrated about the involuntary thoughts going through her head, she turned her head and gazed out in the window to clear her mind. She silently looked at the city where she had lived for three years. Then, the voice of the captain sounded announcing their take off.


– “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to China Airlines…”


“Miss, please fasten your seat belt, the plane is about to take off. Miss? Miss?”


“Huh? What?”


“Our plane is about to take off, please fasten your seat belt.”


“Oh, ok, thank you.”


“You’re welcome.”


Yu Duo gazed down at the seat belt on her seat and hesitantly reached out.


I am about to leave, will he show up?


She could not hide anything from Fu Sinian. Did he know she was leaving?


No, he didn’t know and he would not suddenly appear here.


He was now busy working inside a plane bound to United States


But what if he suddenly appeared?


—How about this, if Fu Sinian was on this plane, I will not leave.


At this thought, Yu Duo felt ridiculous.


Hmm… But, if Fu Sinian really appears on this plane, I will not leave.


Then, a shadow suddenly moved towards her direction, bent over and reached out to fasten the seatbelt Yu Duo was holding in her hand.


Yu Duo looked up and stared blankly at the man, who was supposed to be in a flight bound to the United States, right in front of her.


It was like a dream.


His low voice sounded beside her ear, “How can you not even wear a seatbelt?”


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