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The Widow “Misses” Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 40

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie

A hotel employee was politely standing outside the door of Yu Duo’s room and smilingly said, “Miss Yu, I’m sorry to disturb you. Today is the 100th anniversary of our hotel, a celebration will be held on the first floor tonight and all in-house guests are invited. This is an invitation from the hotel. If you have time and wish to join us, you can enter with this invitation.”


He respectfully handed an invitation to Yu Duo.


“Thank you for your invitation. I will gladly come if I have the time.”


After closing the door, Yu Duo opened the invitation and took note of the time. The party would start at eight o’clock in the evening. Now it was still four o’clock in the afternoon, and if she was to attend the ball, she still has plenty of time to prepare.


Though Fu Sinian attended various cocktail parties and celebrations, he never brought Yu Duo as his companion. In most of those parties, he was accompanied by a special female companion and Yu Duo was not needed.


In this regard, Yu Duo did not question Fu Sinian like a complaining woman.


One, Fu Sinian would definitely not be happy with her questioning him and Yu Duo would not do anything that would sour her relationship with him.


Two, her goal was to be a good wife for Fu Sinian. As long as Fu Sinian didn’t bring those messy women back to upset her, she would turn a blind eye to those things. She didn’t love him anyway so she didn’t demand much from Fu Sinian.


Yu Duo called the reception and asked to prepare dresses for the party.


A century-old hotel with top-notch service soon brought her few long dresses for her to choose from. Yu Duo picked a low back sexy dress and found it very suitable after trying it on.


Her collarbones were very thin. Her shoulders were straight and round; the area on her clavicle was deep. She couldn’t help but keep her eyes fixed on the collarbone. Her long black hair was drawn to one side showing her elegant slender neck. Her waist was narrow, beautiful and perfect.


It made her think, except for attending Yu’s birthday party last year, this seemed to be her second time wearing a dress in all these years.


Fu Sinian didn’t like her to wear revealing dresses, not to mention such a sexy dress. Even if she wore  something more revealing during summer, she would be scolded.


Looking at her beautiful blinking eyes, they were extremely attractive.


Beautiful and sexy!


Yu Duo kissed herself deeply in the mirror, “Baby, you look so beautiful, do you know how many men will fall for you?”


Unaware that there was a man beside her at the moment who was fascinated by her.


Yu Duo was wearing such a sexy dress and it was also Fu Sinian’s first time seeing it.


No, it should be said that he had only seen this side of Yu Duo for the first time.


In his impression, Yu Duo was a timid and filigree flower. She was gentle, sensible and simply reserved.


He had always given Yu Duo the most suitable life for her. Like protecting a flower that was easy to wither, he put her in a greenhouse to take care of her. He thought that Yu Duo liked and enjoyed such a sheltered lifestyle.


However, witnessing what Yu Duo did after his death overturned his previous impression of Yu Duo.


She was not weak like he previously thought, she was even strong and brave.


She was not timid and could even be described as daring.


She was not simple. She was intelligent and cunning or else he would not be fooled by her for three years.


Yu Duo was like a pupa who was dormant for three years. After his death, she finally got out of her cocoon and turned into a butterfly.


She was gorgeous and charming, people couldn’t keep their eyes off her.


That’s right! He admitted, this kind of Yu Duo is really sexy and charming, both on the surface and inside. Her temperament, from inside to outside, had changed. Compared to Yu Duo three years ago, she was like a completely different person.


Fu Sinian’s gaze froze slightly as he remembered the scene of Yu Duo pretending to be good in front of him.


‘How can she be flawless?’


If it wasn’t for him dying and seeing it all with his own eyes, he would never have believed that the person whom he lived for three years wore a mask. Playing and treating him like a fool for three whole years. He never noticed that!


‘Yu Duo, you are so good!’


Yu Duo suddenly felt cold for no reason.


This dress looked good, but it’s a bit cold.


At eight o’clock in the evening, Yu Duo took out the invitation to the ball.


Before leaving, she glanced at the wedding ring on her ring finger.


After standing still at the door for a while, she removed the wedding ring, put it in the ring box and placed it on the table.


Fu Sinian was dead, and this ring that bounded her did not need to be worn anymore.


She didn’t notice that the ring box on the table was not placed well. The ring box fell off the table and the ring rolled under the bed.

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